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YouTube as a Useful Tool for your Inside Marketing Rep

YouTube as a Useful Tool for your Inside Marketing Rep

YouTube Is One Of The Most Useful Tools In A Home Inspectors Marketing Toolbox.

Here’s some very important information that you may not be aware of.

According to ComScore’s most recent search engine rankings, YouTube is now the number two search engine in the world, used by more people to search the web, (2.6 billion searches a month) than all other search engines except Google.

This means if information about your home inspection company and your services can’t be found with a YouTube search, you are invisible to the people who search YouTube for a home inspector in your local area each month.

I know that you’re interested in local search only, but how many of those 2.6 billion searches a month are looking for a home inspector in your market area? Southern Home Inspection services got an inspection today from YouTube!

Since adding your information to YouTube is free, and only takes a few minutes (assuming you know how to create a simple video), there isn’t a good reason not to have videos about you and your products and services on YouTube.

Use photographs and FREE software

Even if you don’t have a video camera, you can quickly create interesting YouTube videos using just photographs and FREE software.

So make it a priority to use your photos of your home inspection “horribles” to ensure that your home inspection company can be found by the people who search YouTube each month for a home inspector in your area.

Your video title could be “Don’t Purchase A Money Pit” or “Will Your Next Home Be a Money Pit?. Not If It’s Inspected By Us!” or “Problems We Find During A Routine Home Inspection!” Put up more than one video a month to get higher rankings (you know that you’ve got a ton of photos hanging around on your hard drive).

Here’s an Important Note: Be sure that the keywords you include with your video on YouTube are the ones prospects are actually typing in to find a home inspector in your local area. A little keyword research might be in order if you haven’t done any lately. Here is a Free tool you can use to do keyword research:

Take advantage of all the prospects searching on YouTube, get started on this project this weekend!


  1. Lets home buyers and home sellers understand what’s in for them by using your firm.
  2. It builds that know me, like me, trust me relationship with your prospects and customers.
  3. It helps create the network for YOU!

So use the strategies below to skyrocket your video views and use their influence to get more inspections.

 The New YouTube Has Really Gone Social

 Book Home Inspections From Video Marketing

 YouTube Upload Checklist

 Video Upload Checklist 

Better understand why you need an inside marketing rep for your home inspection business. Do you want to learn more? Get in touch with an expert at The Savvy Inspector TODAY! 

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