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Advanced Marketing Strategies

Wow A Target Real Estate Office With The Savvy Inspector Home Inspection Marketing | 706-253-2818

Whether you like it or not, home inspectors need to work closely with real estate offices to keep a consistently-filled business schedule. Like most businesses, home inspection businesses rely on customers availing its products and services which real estate offices can provide plenty of. As such, it is essential to know how to wow a target real estate office to increase chances of getting more sales. 

Potential clients usually go through a real estate office first when looking for properties to sell or buy and it is up to the real estate offices to refer these clients to the home inspection business they think is best, and that's where you, a home inspector looking to fill their work schedule, come in.

Impressing a target real estate office isn't as simple as having your name written in a referral list for them to randomly give out; you have to get involved. Most home inspection businesses "pay to play" and then disappear, waiting for real estate offices to send business their way, but that's not different to "hope and pray" marketing which is unreliable; it's simply putting your name on a list.

An important aspect of having your business' name pop-up in conversations between clients and real estate agents is to get involved.


Real estate offices usually put up events for potential clients, and it is up to you to take advantage of these instances. You could offer to host fun and exciting events that would draw in potential clients; fun events like a karaoke party, a barbecue, or a photobooth that entices clients, agents and brokers to strike up conversations about you and your business.

Leaving a lasting impression gets you invited to other events; getting invited to other events means they talk about you positively which in-turn results in more referrals and a better reputation.



When you ask for your name to be part of the referral group, what's in it for them?

Being part of their referral group means you're working with them; climbing that ladder to success together. Them helping out your business through referrals means you've got to put in that extra effort to help them out as well. The worst thing you can do in their events is talk about "me, myself and I." Events that they hold are not opportunities to market; it's about building relationships and establishing trust. 

Look for new ways to get involved, may it be in their social media platforms or through conversations; talk about relevant topics and get yourself invited to events if you're not. Once you get yourself involved, agencies will see the value of you being in their events which opens up better opportunities for your business. 



Most home inspectors are not sociable when it comes to real estate offices or events in general. Your job as a marketer is to turn your acquaintances into friends. If you're like most home inspectors, you're not showing real estate offices your value. You can continue sending out cards and brochures that don't really do anything other than giving other people random contact details that they can't put a face on.

People who are fun and friendly get out there and do different kinds of things to be remembered; these kinds of home inspectors are the people that are often asked about a lot. In events that real estate offices hold, don't just hand out cards and brochures; strike up a conversation, put up something that catches other people's eyes like a fun photo booth; give those cards and brochures you're handing out moments that potential clients, brokers, and agents will remember.

Marketing your home inspection business to real estate offices don't just rely on how many cards you've given or how often your name shows up in referral groups; it also involves making friends with others that share the same goals.


What home inspection marketing strategies do you use to market one of your targeted real estate offices? Check out the home inspection marketing ideas in this video!





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