Workshop Specials

As we mentioned at the TSI Workshop last week, we are extending the Workshop Special Offers on the products we offered at the Workshop to help you grow your business until Friday, October 13, 2017, at midnight Pacific time.

So check it out…

1. The Direct Mail Package: In this package, you get access to the 93 most profitable Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns that The Savvy Inspector has produced over the last ten years. NOTE: The ones that didn’t work got left out of this package. 🙂

The Direct Mail Package is $197.00, that means that each Direct Mail Campaign is $2.12. SWEET!!! For less than a cup of coffee, you can get a business building direct mail campaign. How good is that? Click Here To Learn More!

2. The PowerPoint Package: These are the 20 PowerPoint Presentations that Certainty Home Inspections and Southern Home Inspection Services use to educate and entertain real estate agents. All you have to do is take our information out and put yours in, and you have an instant business building presentation.

Many of the PowerPoint Presentations included in this package sell for $147 in our web store. However we have a super low price for Workshop participants of just $297.00, that’s just $14.85 each! What a deal! Click Here To Learn More!

3. The TSI Coaching Program: Have you heard that old saying that some people want the fish, but some people want to learn how to fish? If you want to learn how to fish, then The Savvy Inspector Coaching Program is perfect for you. We share with you what you need to do to be successful, we share why you should do it, and we give you the tools to make it happen. Plus, we support you every step of the way on your journey.

The content that you consumed at the Workshop plus lots of other topics are taught at The Savvy Inspector every month. We have so many coaching benefits that they are too numerous to list here. We want you to experience all of the business building awesomeness of our coaching program yourself, so we’re making you an offer you can’t refuse…

Join TSI before October 13, 2017, at midnight Pacific Time for just $1.97 for the first month and then it’s a $79.95 a month after that. There are no contracts to sign, and you can stop anytime. This is the most risk-free offer we have ever made! So get signed up today! Click Here To Learn More!

4. The Newsletter Program: Is a “top of mind” strategy for both real estate agents and clients. When you stay in touch with these groups you get more referrals from them. TSI provides newsletter content that is directed towards your prior clients. It also provides a second newsletter who’s content is geared towards your real estate agents. Both groups get a home inspection tip of the month.

We also provide a real estate marketing tip, twice a month from you on how real estate agents can grow their business . These tips are written by professional real estate coaches, so you know that they are on target. This top of mind strategy is just $67.00 a month. Click Here To Learn More!

So don’t delay, grab one or all of these awesome business building specials Today. After October 13, 2017, these special offers disappear.


For every product, you purchase from The Savvy Inspector; you get a Free Rep Video Commercial, check one out here …

This is a $247.00 value Free to you with every purchase you make