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What Is Reputation Marketing and Why Home Inspectors Should Care About It

home inspector reputation marketing

As a home inspector, what is your level of reputation in the marketplace? Is it at the very place you desire it to be, the top of the game or is your brand obscure?

Reputation offers much more than prestige; it is a real source of sales. Home inspectors can benefit a great deal by focusing their marketing strategy on meeting this goal.

So, What is Reputation Marketing?

In the previous decades, reputation was built through word of mouth. That is, information about a product was passed by customers to others verbally.

Today, the internet has taken over. Ninety percent of final buyers first consult the internet before making a purchase. The primary thing they look for are the comments by another consumer on their experience with the company, brand or store.

Reputation marketing, therefore, is the use of the internet to build a positive reputation. It involves the attraction of sales by using online reputation management and branding tools.

Importance of Reputation Marketing


  • Facilitates first-time engagement

Customers will first seek informed opinion of others before settling for a specific home inspection company. So they first check for online reviews about your company. The information they find will help them determine if you are worth engaging in the first place.

  • Self-amplifies

That is a buzzword that merely means that once you have a positive reputation; it is bound to earn more positive ones. Happy customers are bound to tell at least ten others about your product. A negative reputation has the same effect. One negative comment about your services can undo what ten positive ones can do.

  • Counteracts negative reviews

One negative review can destroy a business that you spent years to build. However, the effects of such bad reviews can be minimized if most of the customers already have a positive review of your services or product.

  • Goes beyond customer attraction

Another reason why you should take home inspection marketing seriously is that of the far-reaching effects of a reputation. It affects your relationship with your employees, investors, associates, suppliers, and partners.

How To Create Successful Reputation Marketing

Man molding clay - Reputation Marketing for Home inspectors | The Savvy Inspector It is evident that you need a positive online reputation for your business just as much as Amazon needs it for the products it sells. There are a number of ways you can start your reputation building campaign. Here are three suggestions;


  • Online reviews: request your clients to write genuine reviews about your services. Doing so will make you focus on the quality of your service so that you get more positive reviews.
  • Respond to negative reviews: do not ignore or delete a negative review of your product. Instead, use the opportunity to show that you care about how your customers feel.
  • Amplify positive reviews: you can use them as testimonials on the home page, banners or any other home inspector marketing strategy.


Reputation marketing is essential for all businesses, including home inspection. However, do not buy reviews, as customers will easily pick out the too-good-to-be-true review. Instead, hire a professional to manage your home inspection marketing.

We at The Savvy Inspector wants you to succeed in every aspect of your home inspection business and a huge part of that is leveraging on reputation marketing.

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