Virtual Assistance

va-services-6pakIf you’re a one-man shop, you know that it’s hard to get everything done. Between inspections, banking transactions, record-keeping and everything else that you’re involved with (not to mention family responsibilities) it’s hard to make sure that the right marketing activities happen so that your schedule stays full.

Heck, the same thing happens to multi-inspector firms. Their staff has a lot on their plate as well and in many cases they can’t get to all of the marketing things that matter most in keeping their companies schedule full either. This is why The Savvy Inspector introduced Virtual Assistance or VA Services. Our team takes care of the things that you can’t get to or don’t want to do yourself. When these types of activities get done on a regular basis your business grows. When you team up with VA Services you now have a system for success!

The title says it all, Virtual Assistance! Why do we think we can do everything and also have time for our families? The Savvy team not only makes you look professional, they help make your phone ring and follow-up with agents while you do what your do best, run your inspection business! Since signing up with the Savvy, we have had three consecutive years of over 30% growth which has allowed me to add more inspectors. In fact, I still need to hire more. Stop waking up worrying if you will have inspections this week. Worry about where will I spend my next vacation. ~Rob Donahue, Sure Thing Home Inspections

Below are some of the services that we offer . . .

Weekly Tasks . . .

  • Follow up calls with Real Estate Agents after the inspection to see if they need anything else from you before you close the file, to say thank you for their business and ask for a review (agents love this follow up)!
  • Set up and send Send Out Card Thank You Cards to your Agents.

Monthly Tasks . . .

  • Set up and send one Send Out Card Lead Generation Direct Mail Campaign for your real estate agent prospects (your choice of campaigns).
  • Update/Merge duplicate agents in your ISN account.
  • Pull up ISN end of the month reports.
  • Monthly TSI Newsletter for half price/ $35.00 per month (regular price $67.00).
  • Monthly flier for non-top producers (Acquisition).

Note: If the standard package above doesn’t meet your needs, we have a full package available that includes the following:

Social Media . . .

  • Social Media Networking on top producer’s accounts. (Weekly)
  • Search the top producer’s social media for successes (for congratulations
    campaigns). (Weekly)
  • Collecting reviews for the agent from the client and posting on social
    media/tagging the real estate agent. (Weekly)
  • Like/Follow/Subscribe to the top producer target’s social media accounts.

Direct Mail Marketing . . .

  • Do trigger based direct mail cards for current top producers and non-top producer retention (direct mail cards). (Monthly)
  • Thank You Send Out Cards. (Monthly)
  • Congratulations Send Out Cards. (Monthly)
  • Birthday Send Out Cards. (Monthly)
  • Welcome To The Team Send Out Cards. (Monthly)
  • Top Producer Direct Mail Marketing Campaign to 5 Top Producers. (Monthly)
  • Non-Top Producer Acquisition Direct Mail Campaign. (Monthly)
  • Mortgage Broker Direct Mail Marketing Campaign. (Monthly)

Newsletter . . .

  • Implement The CMIR/Pre-Listing (Certified Move In Ready) Program (Set up
    page and listings).
  • Follow up calls after the inspection. (Weekly)
  • Monthly flier for non-top producers (Acquisition) (Monthly)
  • Pull up monthly ISN reports

If these packages do not meet your needs, ask us about our Virtual Assistant a’ la carte Services:

(You must have a Send Out Card Account which cannot be the free  account offered. For more information and to sign up for Send Out Cards please click Here.)

(You must sign a 3-month contract, then month to month)


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