Virtual Assistance

va-services-6pakIf you’re a one-man shop, you know that it’s hard to get everything done. Between inspections, banking transactions, record-keeping and everything else that you’re involved with (not to mention family responsibilities) it’s hard to make sure that the right marketing activities happen so that your schedule stays full.

Heck, the same thing happens to multi-inspector firms. Their staff has a lot on their plate as well and in many cases they can’t get to all of the marketing things that matter most in keeping their companies schedule full either.

This is why The Savvy Inspector introduced Virtual Assistance or VA Services. Our team takes care of the things that you can’t get to or don’t want to do yourself. When these types of activities get done on a regular basis your business grows. When you team up with VA Services you now have a system for success!

Below are some of the services that we offer…

Daily Tasks…

  • Follow Up Calls with Real Estate Agents 3 days after the inspection to see if they need anything else from you before you close the file (agents love this follow up)!

Weekly Tasks…

  • Set up and send SOC Thank You Cards to your Agents.

Monthly Tasks…

  • Set up and send one SOC Lead Generation Direct Mail Campaign for your real estate agent prospects (your choice of campaigns).
  • Update/Merge Duplicate Agents in your ISN account.
  • Pull your ISN End of the Month Reports.
  • Pull all new Clients and Agents from the ISN and send them to the social media outlets so the clients and agents can be invited to join you on social media.
  • Upload your Realtors and Clients to your GetResponse account for the Newsletter and Home Inspection Tip Of The Month, if you do this service.
  • Set up and send the Realtor Marketing Tips through your own Get Resonse account, (if you aren’t a Newsletter client).
  • Customizing Preston’s Direct Response Flyers to use in your real estate agent marketing. (
  • Produce one Reputation Commercial each month. ($247 value)

Note: If the standard package above doesn’t meet your needs, we will be delighted to customize a package for you that does. You can contact us by clicking here.