Repair Pricer

Repair Pricer Is An Important Tool.  Home Inspectors Will Benefit From This.

Why Repair Pricer?

Repair Pricer gives its clients real-world cost estimates for each item listed in the inspection report.

These cost reports are placed in an easy to read PDF which can be emailed and uploaded very easily.


This will benefit both realtors and home buyers as a negotiation tool.

Repair Pricer Report has a 24-hour turn around every day of the year.

Happier customers! Your clients availing your home inspection service will surely benefit from the Repair Pricer report. This provides them with the repair costs done to their future investment with respect to the home inspection report you provide.  With this tool, They will be happy to know first hand how much these repairs will cost them and It will sustain your place in the Home Inspection Industry as the go-to-home inspection firm in your area.

Is Repair Pricer Accurate?

For repair prices that differ per state, Repair Pricer reaches out to each market and they keep the prices live with the current prices per territory per service.

Will I Be Able To View Historic Repairs Done To Property?

Yes! With the help of the Home History Report as an additional service.

This is an add-on product which gives the buyer more information on the repairs previously done to the property.

It shows transparency for new homeowners with the repairs previously done to the home prior to purchase.

It tells the client what happened to the house before today in the last 5 years.

Inspection Reports Are Extremely Confidential, Will My Information Be Sold To Other Third-Party Vendors?

No. Home Inspection reports are very confidential. You could lose client’s if word gets out that their home inspection reports are sold to third-party vendors/service providers.

We guarantee your inspection reports will be handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.