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Why You Should Use Google My Business for Reputation Marketing

Why You Should Use Google My Business for Reputation Marketing

You might be asking yourself, how does Google My Business play a relevant role in your reputation system for your business? Simply by the use of reviews!

Reviews are now all over the internet, from social media platforms to Google itself. If you're still starting your home inspection business and you want to establish your brand online, it is very helpful to have your customers leave reviews on different platforms. These reviews help build your credibility towards your target market, it serves as their first impression of what your business is capable of delivering. If potential customers see a bunch of solid reviews for your business, then there's a greater chance of getting them to transition from potential customers to actual customers. 

Remember that reviews hold a lot of value for your target market because they show how you perform from a customers' point of view and not from your marketing's perspective. It gives them insights on so many variables of customer experience. Like your quality of service, your products, and any other aspect of your business stated in the reviews. This is why the more positive reviews you get, the stronger your reputation is online!

How you can leverage Google My Business in your Reputation Marketing System?

  1. Build a custom reputation page
  2. Build a premium directory listings that home buyer's visit to put your reviews on
  3. Put at least 10 reviews a month online
  4. Know how to get your clients and agents to leave reviews on your custom review page
To Learn More About Google My Business and How The Savvy Inspector Can Help You Set Up An Easy To Use Reputation Marketing Plan, Click To Schedule A 30-Minute Strategy Call with One Of Our Online Representatives Today!

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