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Nothing could be more frustrating than being a member of a home inspection coaching program where you don’t have access to all of the material because you didn’t pay larger fees.

When you join The Savvy Inspector Coaching Program you won’t have to worry about that because all of our Members have access to ALL of the content on the website regardless of which coaching track they chose. And all of the content is available to you immediately once you join the InnerCircle Program.

Below is The Savvy Inspector Member’s Portal dashboard. You can see the types of topics we get in depth on. When you join you’ll feel like a kid on Christmas Morning… all smiles! 😉

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The training material on The Savvy Inspector site is broken down into “Learning Modules,” so that you can focus your efforts on gaining the skills you need, quickly and easily!

Here are some of the topics we teach…

This Is Where It All Begins!

We’ll teach you…

  • How to determine where you want your home inspection business to be in 3 to 5 years.
  • Then we’ll teach you how to set up “Smart Goals” to achieve your Vision.
  • Next we’ll share with you how to set up a “To Do List” on steroids to make it all happen, and
  • Last but not least, we’ll show you the best way to determine if what you’re doing is working or not!

Once you’ve got the Marketing Planning piece in place, we move on to one of my favorite things, learning how to go Direct To The Public For Business.

We’ll Share With You…

  • How to get inspections from the public by using the Social Networks like Facebook.
  • Why Video Marketing is critical, plus, you’ll get step by step instructions on how to do it.
  • The difference between a Sales Website and a Blog and why you need both to get more sales.
  • How tying together Social Networks, your Blog and Video Marketing can build “your brand” and skyrocket your sales.

In Addition To That, We’ll Teach You All About…

  • Home Buyers Seminars
  • Builders Warranty Inspections
  • Pre-Listing Inspections
  • Business To Business Marketing
  • And numerous other Go Direct To The Public Strategies

Now, no successful marketer is willing to “put all their eggs in one basket,” so we also teach you…

How To Market Your Prior Clients.

These folks already know you, like you and trust you, and you need them to use you again and refer you to others. So we’ll teach you how to make your prior clients, raving fans!

Finally, To Round Out Your Marketing Training, We’ll Share With You…

  • How to identify and get business from Top Producers in your local real estate offices.
  • How to determine what real estate offices you should be calling on and what you should do specifically, once you get inside the door!
  • How to use email effectively, so that your emails are a welcome guest in the real estate agent’s inbox, not an unwelcome pest!
  • How to use Direct Mail to beef up your marketing efforts in your targeted offices!
  • How to get Sales Meetings set up and what to talk about!
  • How to build strong working relationships with professional real estate agents by providing them ongoing education!
  • How to retain the existing real estate referral sources that you have and how to leverage your relationships with them, to get more agents to refer you!
  • How to identify and reactivate real estate agents that have given you referrals in the past, but not lately.
  • And much, much more

Also, Did I Mention That We Have…

  • Two Monthly Q&A Calls: This is where our coaching clients submit their questions and we spend at least one hour on each call answering those questions for our members. This call is open to all our coaching clients.
  • Our Member’s Only Monthly Conference Call: This is a teaching call and is open to all of our Members.
  • Our Member’s Only Success Audio Of The Month
  • Members Only Webinars
  • A Member’s Only Private Facebook Group: We talk marketing and technical issues and the Member’s are nice to each other.
  • The Annual TSI Workshop, and much, much more!

BONUS: We archive the Monthly Success Audio Interviews, Monthly Conference Calls and the Q&A Calls on the site for you to download, listen to and profit from!

OK, I’ve just scratched the surface of what you’ll get when you get signed up as a Member of The Savvy Inspector Coaching Program, but you get the point.

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