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One of the things that sets The Savvy Inspector Coaching Program apart from other groups is we understand that the education that you get as a Savvy Inspector Member comes from not only the coaching team but also from lots of interaction with other Members who are “marketers of home inspection services.”

Therefore, in the fourth quarter of 2015 we replaced the traditional Forum with a Private Facebook Group for members and it has been a huge hit.

Below are some sample posts for your review. We wanted you to see the type of information that is being talked about and how the Members help each other. Our coaching staff is also in TSI engage on a daily basis not only answering questions but also sharing additional grow your business strategies.

TSI Engage is very popular among the Members. Not only do they post comments and helpful suggestions for each other based on their experience they also pick up the phone and talk to each other. Can you imagine having that kind of positive support from other top notch home inspectors.

Good marketing materials that you leave behind after you complete the inspection at the seller’s residence is a good source of business. One of our Members wanted to know what others were doing and more than 30 TSI Members shared shared their strategy for securing this business.

Paid advertising is a topic that gets lots of discussion in TSI Engage. One of our Members wanted to know if others were getting a positive return on investment from their Adwords campaigns and almost 20 Members weighed in on that topic.

Report writing is another topic that gets a lot of discussion in TSI Engage. The discussion centers not only around what to say but how long does it take to produce the report and whether it gets delivered on-site or later.

One of the things we forget to do as small business owners is celebrate our successes. At The Savvy Inspector, we have developed a corporate culture of positively supporting each other. Other Members will definitely celebrate your success!

Recruiting, hiring and training gets discussed a lot in TSI engage. New multi-inspector firms and aspiring one man shops get lots of solid advice from those multi-inspector firms that have been at it for years. Almost 20 members responded to this request for feedback.

Home inspectors are constantly being bombarded by people selling ads for real estate agents to professional sports teams. Members want to get feedback from other Members so that they don’t spend their money in the wrong place. Getting a positive return on investment from all marketing strategies is essential.

Whether you’re a one-man shop or a multi-inspector firm the price of E&O Insurance is a big chunk of your operating expenses and nobody wants to pay too much for it. That’s why the Members talk to each other about this topic to try to determine who’s got the best coverage and rates.

At The Savvy Inspector we teach our Coaching Clients how to run super successful events and presentations.  Below one of our Members shared a photo from his most recent Realtor event for our other Members to model.

Coach William and Sherry Troutman still own a large multi-inspector firm and they’re always sharing information that our TSI Members can learn
from. The strategy being discussed here is having lunch with real estate agents and brokers. You can’t get this kind of business growth information elsewhere.

Many of our Coaching Clients are considering hiring a marketing rep. There’s a lot of discussion about what the marketing rep should do for the firm. In this post Coach William and Sherry shared a day in the life of their marketing rep, whose awesome!

We’re helping many of our coaching clients turn their one-man shops into multi-inspector firms and every thing they need to make that happen is on the TSI website. You can see more celebration of success here as well.