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What Type Of Videos Are Best For My Home Inspection Marketing Efforts?

What Type Of Videos Are Best For My Home Inspection Marketing Efforts?

What Type Of Videos Are Best For My Home Inspection Marketing Efforts?

The absolute best type of home inspection marketing videos are those that shoot in the field. These don’t have to be long videos, as a matter fact, they should be less than two minutes in length. What video does for you as a home inspector, it establishes expertise and begins to build a know me, like me, trust me relationship with the home buyer.

There are a number of things that you can do to increase the SEO value of your home inspection marketing videos and get more views.

Create Relevant Metadata

Your video should provide the necessary details to help search engines index it and according to Google, the title, the description and the thumbnail are the most important pieces of information.

The video title needs to be short and concise, while the description may provide more details and keywords, boosting the ranking of your content.

Optimise With Keywords

Keyword research may also occur in video SEO and it may help you discover the most relevant content for your target audience.

Focus On The Video Thumbnail

The video's thumbnail is among the first things that users will notice and it can affect their decision whether they'll actually click on the video.

Pick a thumbnail that is clear and relevant to the content of your video?

Make "Shareable" Content

It's not just about creating an interactive video, it's also about producing content that your audience will appreciate.

Allow Embedding Of Your Video

If users want to embed your video to their site, or their blog, it means that they like it enough to include it on their page. This is already a win for your content and it may lead to a boosted page ranking on SERPs.

Share on social media

Don't be afraid to promote your content as much as possible to all the relevant channels, as this is the best way to spread word about it and reach the right audience.

Click on the video below to learn more about the type of home inspection marketing videos you should be making a wise strategy is so important to success.

We value feedback, so please leave questions or comments in the box below the video.

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