TSI Video Program


We will build a video of a topic that is home/residential related and add a trailer with your company information and keywords. We will optimize the raw video and upload the video to your YouTube Channel. Once uploaded, we will optimize the video description with your company information and keywords.

a) Produce a monthly video with a trailer at the end containing all your company information and keywords

b) Upload the video to your YouTube Channel and optimize the description with your information, keywords, etc.

c) We will build out a spreadsheet that will include your information, as well as the instructions on how to embed the video onto your website and social media.

This is where we’ll update the monthly video each month.

d) NOTE: If you are a full “TSI Done For You Services Member,” or “VA Services Member” then each month we will go the extra step and add the video YouTube embed code to your website and post out to your social media.

Price: $69 per month Click Here To Order

When you place your order, below is the information we’ll need from you. Please send this information to TSIVideo@thesavvyinspector.com Attn: Video Program

(1) Client and Company name, address, phone number, email and website URL
(2) Company Keywords
(3) Company logo
(4) YouTube login information | NOTE: Please add JohnF@thesavvyinspector.com as a Manager of your YouTube channel so we can upload your monthly video. Thank You!

Why You Should Have Your Own Videos.

***Video is Powerful and it makes you the Expert. ***Video can sell your services 24/7 365-Days Per Year! ***Prospects will watch videos to determine whether they will use your services or not.

BONUS: We will optimize your videos with your company information and keywords

BONUS: If you are in a market with other Savvy Inspector Members, we will provide you a unique version of the video so that it is different from the other member’s video!

NOTE: Because we are The Savvy Inspector. There are no contracts to sign and you can stop any time! 🙂

BONUS: When you sign up with TSI Video Program, you will receive a Bonus Video of either an upcoming holiday or a video of our choosing.

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If you decide to take advantage of our Video Program,
we are offering it for $69 per month. Click Here To Order

NOTE: For Your Branding Purposes, We Prefer Digital Stationery. To learn more about Digital Stationery click here.