The TSI Newsletter Program


a) Start Up: We will upload the lists of clients and agents you secured from the ISN into your broadcast email system.

b) Start Up: We will set up your template in your broadcast email system. We prefer Digital Stationery for branding purposes. To learn more about Digital Stationery click here.

c) NOTE: If you are a full “TSI Done For You Services Member,” or “VA Services Member” then each month we will download your new clients and agents from your ISN account and upload them into your broadcast email system. If not, please send us your list of new clients and agents by the 1st of each month.

d) We will set up the three email pieces to go out at the appropriate times. The Newsletters will go out on the 5th of the month and the Home Inspection Tip Of The Month will go out on the 20th of the month.

e) We will select and send two Realtor Marketing Tips on the opposite weeks from the Newsletter and Home Inspection Tip Of The Month. This way your agents will get one quality touch point per week from you.

Price: $67 per month: Click Here To Order


Why You Must Have Your Own Broadcast Email System Now.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Savvy Inspector’s Partner Vendor for broadcast email is Get Response. To learn more about Get Response Click Here. Prices start as low as $15 per month. (Note: At this time, if you select a broadcast email system other than Get Response our team will have to learn it and that won’t be possible in the startup phase of the program.)

BONUS: We will be able to personalize your Newsletters and Tip Of The Month with the recipients first name and a brief message we write!

BONUS: If you are in a market with other Savvy Inspector Members we can provide you a unique version of the Real Estate Agent Newsletter so that your agents aren’t getting the same newsletter from more than one home inspector!

NOTE: Because we are The Savvy Inspector. There are no contracts to sign and you can stop any time! 🙂

IMPORTANT NOTICE: With Asset Mac’s program, their price was based on how many names were on your list but that’s not true with The Savvy Inspector’s Program. With us the price is the price, regardless of the size of your list of agents and prior clients!

Check Out These Awesome Samples…

Sample Prior Client/Mortgage Broker Newsletter

Sample Realtor Newsletter

Sample Home Inspection Tip Of The Month

Price: $67 per month: Click Here To Order