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Three Reasons To Have A Home Inspection Website That Converts

Three Reasons To Have A Home Inspection Website That Converts

The first reason to have a home inspection website that converts visitors into paying customers is so that you can get home inspections directly from the public.

A lot of inspectors are marketing strictly to real estate agents and overlook the opportunities to go to the public. Going to the public is the direction that everybody needs to be heading in because there are fewer and fewer agents in the real estate offices (except Keller Williams Offices).

Also, millennials are looking online for everything, including home inspectors and that's going to continue. It's essential that you have an effective online presence. It's shocking, the number of inspectors who don't, or what they do have online is stagnant and not helpful to online shoppers.

The second reason you need a website that converts visitors into paying customers is, after receiving your name from the real estate agent, 78% of home buyers will look up your brand online right away.

These home buyers are going straight to Google and punching in your company name to see what comes up. If you don't have an effective online presence that convinces them they should use you over the other inspectors, the cheapest Charlie will get the job. I don't care if we're talking $20; price will be the deciding factor."

The third reason is to continue to build your brand. You only get one chance to make a great first impression, but if your website is all about You, with nothing about "what's in it for the home buyer to use you," they don't feel good about that and they don't convert into a paying customer. Your website should be so awesome, engaging, and effective that the home buyer convinces themselves that you're the inspector to protect them from buying the money pit.

In an earlier email I promised to keep these posts short, but packed with good information. However, I have so much more to share with you about this topic that we set up a web page on our site for you to get all the details. There is a video, the audio of the video and text so you will have what you need in the format you prefer. You will get a ton of gold nuggets from consuming this content.

Home Inspection Website Conversion Is Essential To Get Sales 24/7

In the next email I'm going to share with you another "must have" system to get more inspections directly from the public.

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