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An emailed newsletter is the best way to stay in front of your prior clients, active agents, and other spheres of influence and we’ve got your back! It is your digital communication where you share interest and engagement as well as updates about your business and other useful information.

Why you should send an emailed newsletter:

(1) Easily stay connected with your prior clients, agents, and spheres of influence
(2) Emailed newsletters help to drive sales and promotions
(3) A newsletter with social icons can boost your social media
(4) You can increase traffic back to your website with a newsletter
(5) You can showcase your products, services, and offers


a) Start-Up: We’ll get you set up by uploading your list of clients and agents that you secure from your ISN or other databases into your broadcast email system.

b) Start-Up: We’ll set up your email templates in your broadcast email system. We prefer Digital Stationery for branding purposes. To learn more about Digital Stationery click here.

c) As a featured benefit to our DFY Services clients, Google My Business Clients, VA Services Clients as well as TSI Services Clients, each month we will download your new clients and agents from your ISN account and upload them into your broadcast email system. If you’re not a TSI Services client, we have specific instructions on how to download your lists and upload them to the proper campaign in your broadcast email system.

d) We will set up the email pieces to go out at the appropriate times. The prior client Newsletters will go out on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

e) We will select and send two Realtor Marketing Tips on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. The Realtor Marketing Tips are articles written by actual Real Estate Coaches and are valuable information.

What This Will Cost You – $67 Per Month Click Here To Order

Why You Must Have Your Own Broadcast Email System Now – Your prior clients are one of your Best Referrals sources and you must stay in contact with them, otherwise, they will forget you no matter how great of a job you did. Your agents that you work with need to see your information so they remember you and your contact information is easy to find.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Savvy Inspector’s Partner Vendor for broadcast email is GetResponse. To learn more about GetResponse Click Here. Prices start as low as $15 per month. (Note: At this time, if you select a broadcast email system other than GetResponse our team will have to learn it and that won’t be possible in the startup phase of the program.)

BONUS: We will be able to personalize your Client and Agent Newsletters with the recipient’s first name and a brief message we write for you!

BONUS: If you are in a market with other Savvy Inspector Newsletter Members, we can provide you a unique version of the Real Estate Agent Newsletter so that your agents aren’t getting the same newsletter from more than one home inspector!

NOTE: Because we are The Savvy Inspector, there are no contracts to sign and you can stop any time! 🙂

IMPORTANT NOTICE: With Asset Mac’s program, their prices were based on how many names were on your lists but that’s not true with The Savvy Inspector’s Program. With us, our price is the price, regardless of the size of your list of agents and prior clients!

Check Out These Awesome Samples…

Sample Prior Client Newsletter

Sample Realtor Newsletter

Sample Home Inspection Tip Of The Month

To Get Started at $67 Per Month Click Here To Order


Here are two actual events that would have helped the vendor as well as us if they had stayed in touch with us with a newsletter:

(1) Grandfather Clock – In 1996, we bought a grandfather clock from a clock dealer in Atlanta. The clock was beautiful and we loved it. They delivered and set up the clock and it worked likegrandfather clock a charm. We had the clock moved to our Mountain Home 4-years later and the same company moved it. Then, we went on with life enjoying our beautiful grandfather clock. 23-years after purchase, the clock started having trouble, it quit chiming, and then the pendulum stopped moving so the clock stopped working. By this time, we couldn’t remember who the clock company was or who we bought the clock from so we looked online for a clock repair company up in our North Georgia area but couldn’t find one. Finally, we found a business card stuck to the back of the clock of the company we purchased from and called them. They were happy to come out and fix the problems and mentioned that we should have had the clock serviced every 5-7 years. We didn’t know this as they never stayed in touch with us to tell us…see how a newsletter would have been a great thing for them and for us? Thank Goodness they left their business card in the back! Our Grandfather clock is still awesome today.

(2) Carpet Cleaner – In 2010, we moved to Naples FL to see if we could live in the warm weather of the south. We leased a nice home that had mostly tile floors but carpet in the bedrooms. Because of allergies, we wanted the carpets cleaned and we wanted to use an organic type cleaner. We found a carpet cleaner online who used organic chemicals so we called him. He came and cleaned the carpets, was very reasonable, did a great job and said to us to give him a call when we needed our carpets cleaned again and handed us his business card. I put it up so I would have access to it when we needed the carpets cleaned again. When we got ready to move 2-years later, as part of the lease requirements, we needed to have the carpets cleaned so I looked for the guy’s business card. Well, I put it up really well because I couldn’t find it. He didn’t stay in touch with us and I didn’t remember his name or his company’s name even after looking online so guess what? We ended up calling someone else…if he had just stayed in touch with us with a newsletter, we would have remembered him, had easy access to his contact information and he would have gotten our business again.

A newsletter is a great way to stay in touch as well as keep you in front of your prior clients, agents, and sphere of influence. We Can Help With This!