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There’s no better way to determine what’s wrong with the SEO on your Website than by doing an SEO Audit.

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Check Out Some Of The Benefits Of Getting An SEO Audit For Your Website Below…

Below Are Some Benefits Of An SEO Audit That You Can Take Advantage of Right Away

Learn about your competition and how to stay ahead of them.

Know the current health status of your website and issues that hinder your home inspection business’s online visibility.

Increase your domain authority by applying the right SEO strategy.

A unique opportunity to optimize your home inspection website for search engines and fix identified on-page issues.

Help you devise a plan to improve sales, conversions, and leads.

Maximize the prospect of generating volumes of targeted online visitors.

Get a better understanding of the factors that could affect your home inspection website’s search engine ranking.

Find out if all your web pages can be crawled and indexed by search engines.

Considering the benefits of an SEO Audit? It is essential to choose the right audit tool that will identify all on-site and off-site issues and put forward recommendations to address them, and that’s exactly what The Savvy Inspector’s FREE SEO Audit does!

The Savvy Inspector’s Free SEO Audit & Reporting Tool is for every home inspector who wants to increase their website’s performance but doesn’t know what to do.

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Website Performance Review - Improve Your Organic Search Engine Results
SEO Optimization Quality Check
  • Reviews your website’s HTML header; from its Title Tag to its Meta Description Tag for better optimization.
  • Takes into account content found for better consistency and right management of amount.
  • Checks links so you can easily detect external, broken, and friendly URLs.
  • Looks at other factors that contribute to your website’s SEO optimization so you can better manage the website.
Social Media Connection - Improve Your Organic Search Engine Results
Usability Among Different Platforms
  • Looks at quality of your website’s design to determine usability for maximization of audience.
  • Reviews Device Rendering so you can manage better the content shown to mobile users.
  • Reviews design choices like legibility of fonts so you can determine what’s easiest to the audience’s eyes.
Social Media Connection - Improve Your Organic Search Engine Results
Social Media Connection
  • Shows provided social media links and suggest other forms of social media where audience traffic is most present.
  • Shows how many times your social media links have been shared so you can better locate where most of the audience is coming from
Website Performance Review - Improve Your Organic Search Engine Results
Website Performance Review
  • Shows page performance details to manage page loading times.
Website Security - Improve Your Organic Search Engine Results
Website Security
  • Reviews website security for better privacy and risks reduction.
Technology Used - Improve Your Organic Search Engine Results
Technology Used
  • Lists down software coding libraries so you can keep track of tools used
Effective Recommendations
Effective Recommendations
  • Gives recommendations for each section that needs improvement so you can achieve best overall quality.