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Should I Have Someone Do SEO On My Website?

Should I Have Someone Do SEO On My Website?

The answer to this question is… Yes, but only if you hire the right company!

The algorithm that Google uses to deliver search results changes on a regular basis, this means monthly or more frequently. If you don't follow all of these changes on a regular basis you could be engaged in the wrong activities to get your site ranked. Engaging in the wrong SEO activities could actually hurt your site rankings or worse you listed in Google.

Also, if you want to get your phone to ring more, you have to do more than SEO your website. You'll need to make sure that you are strategically positioned in all the places on the Internet where home buyers look for an inspector in your area, so you have a greater opportunity to get the job!

To get your phone to ring more you will need to be engaged in lots of online marketing strategies. Below are just a few of the things you should be doing to get your phone to ring more from the Internet.

  • Google + Local
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Google +
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Directory Listing Management

However, before you choose someone to help you with your online marketing activities you need to ask the company you're considering a few questions.

  • Do you specialize in the home inspection industry?
  • How will you get my phone to ring more than your competitor?
  • Can you guarantee my website will achieve a number-one ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo?
  • Are you experienced at improving local search results?
  • How do you measure the success of your online campaigns?
  • How will we communicate and how often?
  • What are your fees and payment terms?
  • What happens when we part ways?

While there are many great SEO companies, there are many more that are unethical. These firms have left many clients with a sour taste towards SEO. The unethical tend to manipulate the search rankings by utilizing techniques that go against search engine guidelines. The result of working with these types of companies may be short term gains that put the health of your website in jeopardy, thus resulting in a potential penalty or even removal from Google's index.

What to Avoid "Major Red Flags":

  • Be cautious of SEOs that send out anonymous solicitation emails.
  • #1 rankings can't be guaranteed.
  • Be wary of any company that isn't transparent with their processes or reporting.
  • You should never have to link to the SEO vendors website.

The truth is that hiring a great SEO company is becoming more and more difficult as Google continues to evolve, which unfortunately also means that hiring the right vendor is now more important than ever. Now that SEO is more intricate and specific, keeping up with the changes requires someone full-time, and for many that means hiring an SEO company.

The right company will help follow your rankings, optimize your website, and keep in constant communication with you through data reports and meetings.

Did you know that The Savvy Inspector offers Done For You Services in Online Marketing? We specialize in home inspectors exclusively. To see out what we offer, check out the video below.

Note: We've added lots of additional services since this video was originally produced.

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