Reserve Your Workshop Seats


You are about to make a very wise investment in both yourself and your business. Discovering how to Bulletproof Your Business so that you can scoff at the inventory shortage and increasing mortgage interest rates is priceless!

We don’t want anyone to miss out on this business building workshop so we have offered two ways for you to pay.

  1. You can choose the “One Time Pay” option using your credit or debit card
  2. Or if you prefer, you can use PayPal’s “Six Months Same As Cash” Program.

What Type of Reservations are Available?

Workshop Seats are $597.00 per person which entitles you to everything the workshop offers (Limited to 125 Seats)
Social Seats are $297.00 per person (bring your spouse or a friend and they get to attend our social mixers and join us for lunch each day.)

The TSI Workshop at $597 per seat

Social Ticket at $297 per person

The Savvy Inspector 2017 Workshop is OPEN to all Home Inspectors