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The Monthly Newsletter Is One Of Several Quality "Touch Points" Needed For Success!

A Newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with your prior clients and referral sources (both mortgage brokers and real estate agents). It also reinforces your expertise in the home inspection industry. You can give your readers tips and advice.

You can also give them updates about company news and information about your products or services. Both can help drive repeat business to your website.

It also reminds people that you are still around and available the next time they or their friends need a home inspection.

However, the plain truth is that most home inspectors don't stay in touch with their prior clients and referral sources and they suffer financially as a result.

As a matter of fact… A recent study revealed… 57% of buyers of a product or service selected a different vendor when it came time to repurchase the product or service again, because the original vendor didn't stay in touch with them!

You should use a quality, monthly Newsletter as one of several "Touch Points" for your referral sources.

Here’s The Good News!

Several years ago, Gary Monfeli, a good friend and one of our Members in Chicago, put me in touch with Jennifer at Asset Mac and I explained to her what we needed and we came up with a great solution.

Jennifer and her team of professional writers are producing three custom marketing pieces for our Members and e-mailing them to your Referral Sources and Prior Clients each month.

Let me share with you what you'll get (I'm so darn excited I can hardly type :

1. A Newsletter For Your Referral Sources: Why send the real estate agents a general (off target) newsletter when you can send them a Newsletter that's laser targeted for them! This ensures that a greater number of the Realtors will open and read your Newsletter. You'll no doubt move from "Unwelcome Pest to Welcome Guest" in their eyes.

2. A Newsletter For Your Prior Clients: You want to stay on the top of your prior clients mind, in order to get their business again and to get referrals from them. The content of the client (and mortgage broker) newsletter will be enjoyable to read and they will look forward to receiving it each month.

3. The Home Inspection Tip Of The Month: This very helpful tip will go to both your referral sources and your prior clients (and mortgage brokers). Again, we use this as a second touch point for all three groups. Our experience has been that when someone gets accidentally removed from the "Tip Of The Month" list, they will call us and request that they get put back on it.

The Newsletters will go out on the 5th of each month and the home inspection tip of the month will go out on the 20th of the month.

We send the Realtor Marketing Tips the other two weeks to ensure that we get 4 quality touch points with our Real Estate Agents every month.

Now here is the best news of all… The Program Is Totally Affordable!

So just click on the link below to learn all of the particulars and to take advantage of the Member's Only Pricing!

Get The Details Here!


Check Out These Awesome Samples…

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