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Prior Client Referral Machine

Prior Client Referral Machine - The Savvy Inspector

Turn Your Prior Clients Into a Referral Machine!

Think about this…

You have already started the know me, like me, trust me relationship building process with your prior clients. So after the inspection, you'll want to continue that building process, right?

You want to make your prior clients "raving fans" of you and your firm, so that they will not only use you again but Home Inspection Training Home Inspection Marketing The Savvy Inspectorrefer you to others as well!

Saying "Thank You" and building on your existing relationship with your prior clients is essential to getting to getting and keeping your schedule full all year long!

However, most home inspectors will send an email Thank You Note but they never continue to build on their relationship with that client because they don't know what else to do.

And this lack of knowledge is costing them sales!

Heck, it's much harder to convince a home buyer that you are the right inspector to hire so, they don't get stuck buying an money pit, than it is to get referrals for a prior client who thinks you are 'the best' and is willing to tell that to others.

So isn't it time that you moved passed the basic "Thank You Note," strategy and really started a serious relationship building process with your Prior Clients in order to turn them into a referral machine for your firm?

Here's the secret to building a "concrete" solid relationship with your prior clients…

You must provide them actionable information in a variety of formats (video, audio, text) that they can learn and benefit from.

When you provide your Prior Clients with this type of information, they will stay engaged with you and your firm and turn into a serious ATM Machine for your firm!

So to help you become a Master Relationship Builder with your prior clients, I put together a system called…

Turn Your Prior Clients Into A Referral Machine!

When you download this system, here's what you'll learn…

  • Five effective strategies, that when done consistently, that will put your prior client relationship building on steroids!
  • Plus, I'll share with you two additional ways to get your prior clients to open up their wallet and happily fork over some addition cash to you!

Here's What's Included…

  • A One Hour Video Detailing Each Of The Five Relationship Building Strategies, Plus The Two Extra Cash Generating Strategies!
  • Because Home Inspectors Like To Listen To Audios To And From
  • Inspections, I've Included The Audio Portion Of The Video As Well, In MP3 Format!
  • I've Also Included The PowerPoint Slides, In PDF Format, That I Used To Produce The Video, So That You Can Go Back And Review The Information Without Have To Fast Forward Or Rewind The Video!
  • A Detailed Mind Map Is Included For Each One Of The Strategies Individually (6 mind maps), To Jump-start Your Thought Process, So You Can Put Your Program Together Faster!
  • Included Is My Special "Members Only" Target Audience Analysis Worksheet That You Can Complete To Ensure That You Are Providing Your Prior Clients The Actionable Information They Desire!


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Bonus: I've Also Included A One Hour Audio About Marketing Your Prior Clients That I Did For the Member's of Home Inspection Marketing Center.

OK, If You Want To Turn Your Prior Clients Into A Referral Machine For You And Your Firm, Then Go Ahead And Get This "Schedule Filling" Package Right Now!

NOTE: Your investment in this product is backed by our no quibble, no questions asked guarantee! If you don't see the value of this product, then send us an email and receive a full and fast refund for everything.


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