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Pre-Listing Inspections

Prelisting Inspection Mastery

Prelisting Inspection Mastery - The Savvy Inspector

When You Discover The Secrets Of How To Make This Happen, Your Home Inspection Sales Will Explode…

Pre-Listing Inspections Are Somewhat Hard To Secure, Until You Get Real Estate Agents And Home Sellers Educated About The Process!

But Once The Agents And Home Sellers Understand "What's In It For Them" By Getting A Pre-Listing Inspection… They Turn Into "Found Money" For Home Inspectors!

Lots of real estate agents have been resistant to the idea of getting their listings inspected before the property went on the market.

Real estate agents didn't want to bring this topic up with home sellers because they felt like it would be one more impediment to getting the listing.

But over the last couple of years, the market has gotten hyper competitive because of the glut of foreclosures and professional real estate agents now realize that they are going to have to do more to get their listings sold.

In many cases, if the listing agent doesn't get that property sold during the initial listing period, the seller will change agents. When this happens, the listing agent has lost a lot of money.

So now it the perfect time for you to establish a 'formal' Pre-Listing Program in your firm, so that you can cash in on this need listing agents have to move their listings quickly!

But Guess What…

Most Home Inspectors Don't Have Any Idea About How To Get Started Educating Real Estate Agents And Home Sellers About The Pre-Listing Inspection Process!

So We Created… " Pre-Listing Inspection Mastery!"

When You Purchase Pre-Listing Inspection Mastery, You'll Get…

  • A 50 Minute Audio Interview That I Conducted With One Of My Coaching Clients, Who's Very Successful In Getting Pre-Listing Inspections. He And I Share The Tools And Techniques We Use To Tap Into This Lucrative Niche!
  • We've Provided A "Quick Start" Mind Map Which Includes All Of The Questions You Need To Ask Yourself, Before You Launch Your Formal Pre-Listing Inspection Program!
  • We've Also Included The Letters (short and long versions) You'll Need To Send To The Listing Agent's, So That They Can Understand "What's In it For Them" By Getting Their Home Sellers To Get A Pre-Listing Inspection!
  • Also Included, Is The Letter We Give To The Listing Agents, To Send To The Home Seller That Explains To The Home Seller "What's In It For Them" By Getting A Pre-Listing Inspection!
  • Finally, We Have Included A PowerPoint Presentation That You Can "Tweak" And Use To Present The Benefits Of The Program To Real Estate Agents!


Buy Now

BONUS: In the audio interview included in this product, you will hear us talking about producing an audio recording about Pre-Listing Inspections. We've included the audio script in the package as well.

So Don't Delay… Grab Your "Pre-Listing Inspection Mastery" Package Today And Start Making More Sales From This Lucrative Niche!

NOTE: Your investment in this product is backed by our no quibble, no questions asked guarantee! If you don't see the value of this product, then send us an email and receive a full and fast refund for everything.


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