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Performance To Plan System

Performance To Plan System - The Savvy Inspector

Are You Tracking Your Home Inspection Company's Performance?

When you conduct "Performance To Plan" monthly, you'll be in a position to determine what's working and what's not, so you can make the needed adjustments.

Critical Fact… What You Measure Grows And What You Report On Grows Exponentially!

So Put Your Measurements in Place

You'll need to assess whether the tactics you choose are working. That means you must have a standard for evaluating "success."

In this step, you'll spell out how you intend to measure success.

Building in measurements is the difference between a plan that's a nice read and one that's a true gauge for staying on track with your goals.

What will you measure?

That depends on the things that really tell you whether your home inspection business is succeeding. You need to identify the key indicators of how well you're performing. These key indicators should always align with your goals, be important measures of success, and be measurable.

First, decide which data will tell you how well you're doing. Then, decide what outcomes you're looking for with each.

Create a system for tracking everything you need to measure. Then, put it all in writing, so you'll have a guide for your actions.

Measure your outcomes… Choose data that tell you whether you're succeeding with each aspect of your strategy.

Some Common Measurements Include…

  • Revenue

  • Expenses

  • Break-even sales

  • Cash flow

  • Earnings (Net profits)

  • Number of new clients

  • Client referral rate

  • Cost of acquiring a client or making a sale

  • Lifetime value of a client

  • Promotional costs

  • Average price per inspection

  • Number of inspections

  • Close ratio

  • Website visitors

  • Page views

  • Click-through rates

  • List growth

  • Client feedback and ratings of your service

What you'll measure specifically, will depend on what's in your Marketing Plan.

Download The Automated Performance To Plan Spreadsheet Mentioned In The Video Above Here.




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