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Percentage of Business From Google Search?

On our Member's Only Monthly FAQ Call, this question was asked about Google My Business:


What percentage of business should a home inspection company aim for from Google Search?


According to a new report, 97% of people search online to find local businesses, and Google is by far the market leader. A typical business receives 59 actions from their GMB listing each month. Google identifies an action as a website click, call or direction request from users. 85% of Consumer Engagement Happens on Local Pages. The average business receives 1,009 customer searches each month, with 84% of these coming from discovery searches, and the remaining 16% from direct.

How customers search for your business on GMBThis is one of our client's GMB Insights over the last 30-Days: 2,450 Searches (The average business receives 1,009 customer searches each month)
Direct: 477 / 19.5%
Discovery: 1961 / 80%
Branded: 12 / .5%
Where Customers View Your Business On Google: 2.68kWhere customers view your business on Google
Listing on Search 2.1k
Listing on Map 576
Customer Actions: 243 actions
Visits to the website: 167
Request direction: 6
Call You: 68
Message You: 2


Phone Calls – Total calls 83 and shows that Wednesday is the biggest day of the week. Probably because the homebuyer put in an offer over the weekend or Monday and finally got the home under contract and now it's time to schedule the inspection

Photo Views:
This is what is awesome. You are able to optimize photos put on GMB and if your optimization is better than your competitor, then look, you show up above 'Businesses like you'…


Photo Quantity:
We only use photos that pertain to our clients and our clients always show up much better than businesses like them…

GMB is the fastest and usually the easiest way to get traffic. Setting up your GMB properly will allow you to show up in search when prospects are searching for home inspection services in your area. You need to consistently show up where the search is.

I remember a client telling us one time:

When I'm Marketing, I'm not Inspecting…When I'm Inspecting, I'm not Marketing. It's a vicious cycle and you need help to keep your marketing and inspections consistent.

I remember our coach telling us one time:

You need to know what's going on with your online marketing, but you also need to surround yourself with those who make you shine so you can do what you do Best, home inspections.

Set up a FREE Google My Business Competitive Differentiation Consultation with one of our Reps, we'll help you make the decision to outshine your competition: Google My Business Competitive Differentiation

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