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Why Choose The Savvy Inspector To Do Your Home Inspection Firm’s Online Marketing?

We’ll Give You The Primary Reason Why You Should Choose Us Over The Competition. MARKET DOMINATION!

Our experienced Home Inspection Marketing Team makes sure that our clients are strategically positioned in all of the places on the Internet where homebuyers look for an inspector in your area, so that your phone rings more times each month!

You can’t afford not to work with us because your home inspection business needs to be found immediately by online searchers if you’re going to be successful in getting more sales from the Internet. And our talented team will create the Ultimate Internet Presence that will get you a flood of visitors, ready to do business with your home inspection company!

But we’ll give you one more reason to choose us. We are very picky about who we work with. We only choose only a select few inspectors in each area to work with. That means that your inspection business, if chosen, is ‘finger-printed’ with our work, so that you can dominate your local market to get more customers!

We offer a full range of Internet Marketing Services for the home inspection industry exclusively, including Home Inspector Websites that actually convert visitors into paying customers, Mobile Marketing, Google My Business, Reputation Marketing, Video Marketing, Directory Listing Management, Social Media and much much more.

Plus, we will provide you with a detailed report each month so you can track your success. This way you will be able to judge your return on investment for this marketing effort.

Note: The Savvy Inspector serves home inspectors across the US and Canada exclusively.

We’re Local Business Marketing Specialists for Home Inspector

We Have No Aggressive Sales People, Only Friendly Home Inspection Marketing Specialists!

Below are the primary online marketing services we provide so be sure to check out what The Savvy Inspector offers!

Keyword Research

This is where it all begins. When The Savvy Inspector onboards a new home inspection client we learn what products and services they offer.

Once we understand what products and services the client offers our team uses a special tool to determine what consumers are typing into the Internet to find products or services like that in your marketing area.

What consumers are typing into the Internet is referred to as keywords.

Google My Business

This is one of the most important Internet properties for a home inspector.

In your Google My Business listing your website is displayed as well as lots of other information about your business plus the all-important reviews.

Here’s What We Do.

  • Set Up & Claim Your Google Local Listing
  • Remove Duplicate And All Mirrored Listings
  • On Page Optimization Of Top 5 Keywords
  • Creation Of 5 Promotion Optimized Pictures
  • Set Up A Tracking Number For All Online Marketing
  • Submit Your Company Citation To 30 Directories
  • Optimize New Website For Google My Business

Video Marketing

Today people watch lots of videos so this puts home inspectors in a great position because home inspectors have great video subject matter every time they do home inspection. We want our clients to shoot short (1 minute 37 seconds length) videos in the field of defects and unsafe things they see while inspecting the properties.

These short videos establish expertise and build a know me, like me, trust me relationship with the home buyer which is essential for getting the sale.

Here’s What We Do.

  • Optimize And SEO Your Existing Videos
  • Optimize And SEO Up To 3 New Videos Monthly
  • Distribute Your Videos (New & Existing) To 9 Video Portals


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and it is extremely important to home inspectors.

When your videos show up in the top of YouTube searche your home buyers will see that you are an expert in the home inspection business and you will start to build a know me, like me, trust me relationship with them which is essential for getting the sale.

Videos should be produced for both home buyers and your prior clients. Playlists are a good way to showcase videos like home maintenance.

Here’s What We Do.

  • Setup & Optimize Your YouTube Channel
  • Post Up To 5 New Videos Monthly To Your Channel
  • Set Up Playlists On Your Channel

Facebook Business Page

Facebook is still the 800 pound gorilla in the social media world. It’s essential that you have a Facebook Business Page where you can engage your target audience.

You are a local business needing local business, therefore you must have a local audience. You could have the best content in the world on your Facebook Business Page but if you don’t have your target audience on their to consume it, it’s of no value. The Savvy Inspector will assist you in getting more local subscribers.

Here’s What We Do.

  • Set Up And/Or Optimize Your Facebook Business Page
  • Post Targeted Content 5 Times Per Day 365 Days A Year
  • Assist You In Getting More Local Subscribers


Google is Google’s attempt at Facebook.

There isn’t as much interaction on Google as there is on Facebook. However, it’s an important internet property because rumor has it that having an active Google account is good for SEO.

Because the timeline doesn’t move rapidly on Google there’s no need to post five times a day there. The Savvy Inspector team always posts at least one piece of relevant content on Google daily.

Here’s What We Do.

  • Set Up And/Or Optimize Your Google Account
  • Post Relevant Content At Least 1x Per Day
  • Assist You In Getting More Local Subscribers


Twitter is an important Internet property that Google ranks highly. All home inspectors need to have an active Twitter account.

Because things move very quickly on twitter it’s important that we post content relevant to your target audience five times a day, every day of the year. If you don’t, what happens is your tweets don’t get seen by your target audience.

Again, having a large local audience is very important to your success on Twitter and The Savvy Inspector team will help you build your audience.

Here’s What We Do.

  • Set Up And / Or Optimize Your Twitter Account
  • Assist You In Getting More Local Subscribers
  • Post Relevant Content 5x Per Day 365 Days A Year


LinkedIn is another Internet property that Google has great trust in. Google has more confidence in your website if you have a quality LinkedIn page.

Home inspectors need to understand who’s searching for them on LinkedIn. The reason this is important is that your profile needs to appeal to your target audience.

Mostly high income professionals are on LinkedIn. Also, we know that if you’re doing top producer marketing, having an appealing LinkedIn profile is important because top producers will stop by to check you out on LinkedIn.

Here’s What We Do.

  • Set Up And/Or Optimize Your LinkedIn Account
  • Assist You In Getting More Local Subscribers
  • Post Relevant Content 5x Per Day 365 Days A Year


Pinterest is rapidly catching up with Facebook from the standpoint of how much time consumers are on the site each day.

Pinterest is a important property to home inspectors because it showcases pictures and videos. It allows inspectors to put these items on “boards” so your audience can view them.

Setting up a home maintenance board would very beneficial in engaging your prior clients on Pinterest. It’s important that you have a large local audience on Pinterest and The Savvy Inspector will assist you in growing your audience.

Here’s What We Do.

  • Set Up And/Or Optimize Your Pinterest Account
  • Assist You In Getting More Local Subscribers
  • Post Relevant Content 2x Per Week

Directory Listing Management

Non-home inspection directory listings are critically important in reaching more home buyers and getting more sales.

The Savvy Inspector team will get your company listed on the 50 top non-home inspection directory sites on the Internet today. We don’t just build a standard listing with your name, address and phone number, we will build you a premium listing that has video, reviews and a promotional offer.

It’s important that you have a promotional offer on your directory listings because with no offer comes no sale.

Also, these directory listings are very important for your Google My Business account and for search engine optimization of your website.

Here’s What We Do.

  • Set Up And/Or Optimize Your Directory Listings on 50 Top Sites
  • Update Monthly Your Promotions To Consumers

Custom Website & Blog

A website that converts visitors into paying customers is what every home inspector needs to get more sales.

If the home buyer can’t understand what’s in it for them in the first few seconds of landing on your website they back browser and look for someone else.

The sales website only has one target audience. . . Home buyers! However, inspectors have a much larger target audience than that. They need to target real estate agents, mortgage lenders, prior clients and other influencers in the community. This is why we also build an integrated blog to complement the website.

Done correctly, these two tools will allow you to reach all of your target audiences and increase your sales.

Here’s What We Do.

  • Build A Mobile Responsive Custom Website And Integrated Blog
  • Ongoing Monthly On Page Optimization
  • Ongoing Monthly Off Page Optimization
  • Adding Relevant Blog Content 4x Per Month
  • Social Media Integration
  • Domain, Hosting, & Email Setup
  • Includes Analytics Software
  • Completed In 3-4 Weeks

Monthly Reporting

Tracking return on investment on all marketing activities is essential.

This is why The Savvy Inspector provides our clients a comprehensive monthly report. We understand the concept of what you measure grows and what you report on grows exponentially!

The report is provided to the clients on a spreadsheet so that they can review all prior months reports in the same document. This makes it a lot easier to monitor the progress their online account is making.

Below are some of the important elements that get tracked and reported on each month.

  • Number Of Phone Calls Received On Tracking Phone Number
  • Website Ranking By Keyword For The Top 3 Search Engines
  • Google Local Ranking By Keyword
  • Facebook Stats
  • YouTube Stats
  • Video Ranking By Keyword
  • Client Review Details
  • And Much More!
Cliff Willis

Five years ago I knew how to inspect a house and write a report about my findings. That’s it. I knew nothing about marketing or the business side of it all. Luckily I found Ken online by doing a Google search and joined his group. Since then my wife quit her job of 14 years and joined me in the business and we have two full time inspectors working for us. Each year has been better than the year before. Why? Because we take the information The Savvy Inspector teaches and implement it. It works. It really, really works. So, thanks Savvy Inspector for teaching us how to run a successful real estate inspection business!

Tod Whiting

For those of you not using Done For You Services I strongly recommend you get on board. They provide great service, my business and website are consistently on the first page of google as well as the google business 3 pack. That aside whenever I need to make a change to my pages or social media all I need to do is send in a support ticket and I have a team of specialists at my disposal to make the update the correction and the work is completed much faster than doing it on my own. I get to focus my inspection and office team on tasks that bring in the business. Thanks for the support Beth T. Compton Casey Compton Ken Compton et al

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