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Make Your Business Grow With The New Google Listings 3-Pack

Make Your Business Grow With The New Google Listings 3-Pack

Why is Google Listings 3-Pack relevant to my Home Inspection business?

The Google 3-Pack is a type of search result that appears at the top of certain Google search results under the ads but above the "normal" results. It shows a map with multiple pointers indicating the location of nearby companies who meet the need expressed in the search query.

It's called the 3-Pack because Google shows the three most appropriate businesses. With review information and contact details, alongside their web links and directions to their location. Eagle-eyed Googlers may have noticed that there used to be 7 map pack listings. But it's recently been reduced to 3, making placement there a little more competitive.

Why Showing up in the Local 3-Pack is an advantage?

  • It gets you in front of those looking for your services in the local area. It is absolutely essential if your company depends on foot traffic. 
  • Showing up in the 3-pack helps to make you a bit of a destination. With a map pointer directing people to your precise location. 
  • Even if you don't rely on passing trade, showing your location to interested parties helps to paint you as an established organization. 
  • And when your 3-pack presence is backed up with reviews, that provides extra validation to those looking for your services.
We at The Savvy Inspector Member's Site wants you to succeed in every aspect of your home inspection business and a huge part of that is getting your site to rank #1 in Google. Contact us TODAY to know-how!

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