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Do You Love Google Or Hate Them?

Do You Love Google Or Hate Them? - The Savvy Inspector

Google My Business, formerly known as Google Places can be very helpful in marketing your home inspection firm. It is a one-stop listing that displays your reviews, website address, photographs and much more and Google is where the searchers are. Ninety two percent of mobile searchers and sixty six percent of desktop search occurs on Google. That’s huge!

However, at The Savvy Inspector, we have a love hate relationship with Google in general and Google My Business too.

Here’s why.

GMB is a very powerful tool in local marketing, but there are fewer Google My Business slots available today than ever before. Google My Business used to offer seven organic slots, today they offer three and guess what, now they’re testing one of them as a paid advertisement. Ouch!

Here’s another issue.

Recent information has surfaced that “proximity” will be the way local search will function again.

In other words, if someone searches for a home inspection firm using a mobile device in a smaller city, you will see that most inspectors get listed on the map. However, if someone searches for a home inspector in a larger city the results will only return a few options.

Google has determined that proximity to the searcher is what will control who gets shown in the Google My Business search results.

This makes showing up in a larger city much more difficult for home inspectors. Also, in larger cities the search quality may be diminished because the best home inspectors might not be the closest ones. ;-(

Because Google constantly changes the rules regarding organic search and search engine optimization we need to, as business owners, get our businesses listed in lots of other places across the Internet besides Google so that we can reach the public directly for inspections.

At The Savvy Inspector Workshop, in Arlington, TX, October 5-7, 2017 we are going to be teaching lots of ways to extend your reach directly to the public.

Are you going to join dozens of other Marketers Of Home Inspection Services at the October event (FIRST NAME)? If so, why not take advantage of The Savvy Inspectors Early Bird Special. We are giving away lots of great stuff including an Infrared Camera.

You can get all the details here..

The Workshop is open to All home inspectors in the US and Canada!

In my next email I’m going to discuss the “Sales Power” of leveraging the kind words of others.

NOTE: The Savvy Inspector just has 125 seats available for the Workshop and they always sell out fast so click on the link below so that you can grab one of the seats for yourself!

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