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Your website should be your best home inspection sales tool. It works 24/7 and never takes a vacation or sick day days.

However, too many home inspectors have websites that are all about them. When a homebuyer comes your website and can’t, within 3 to 4 seconds, determine what’s in it for them by selecting your firm, you don’t get the business.

Truthfully… it doesn’t matter whether the website visitors are referrals from real estate agents or from the local search results, your website must convert those visitors into paying customers. Invest 60 minutes in this Member’s Only teaching call to learn more about it.

Do you want to go Direct To The Public for business? If so, you’ve got to get engaged with all of your target audiences. Here are a few example target audiences you should be engaged with… Home buyers, home sellers, your prior clients, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and influencers in your community

If you want to discover how to get more engagement with your target audience, get your phone to ring more and build a solid asset for your firm, then invest 60 minutes in this Member’s Only teaching call.

Be ready to take notes, because lots of great business building information will be revealed.

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