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Twice a month we hold a Q&A Call for all Members to address questions that they have submitted. The call is always recorded so the clients who couldn’t attend the event live, can hear it later.

On the Q&A Call below we answered some great questions. Here are a few examples… 7 ways to get more business from your prior clients; the best type of video to establish expertise and build trust with homebuyers; how to financially manage the transition from one man shop to multi-inspector firm; job description and pay package for a marketing rep; and much more.

Plus you know Coach William and I always throw in a lot of extra gold nuggets based on our 100 years of experience (okay, it feels like 100 years).

The Q&A calls are recorded and archived on the Membership site. We also produce an audio version of the call so that Members can download it and listen to it while they are on the go.

On the call below we got into a diverse group of questions. They range from what is a five-star package and how to implement it; should home inspectors be engaged in retargeting website visitors;  how to present my inspection findings in a non-scary manner; what are the key metrics that I need to use to evaluate the success of my website; plus much more.

In addition, Coach William and I always add additional insights based on our years of experience as a Marketer Of Home Inspection Services, as we answer the Member’s questions.

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All of the live Q&A Calls are scheduled for the entire year so you can get them on your calendar and participate in the event from anywhere in the world.  Our coaching clients submit their questions in advance of the call so the coaching team has time to prepare their response so that the call is extremely beneficial.

All of the Q&A calls are archived on the website so that you can go back and get answers quickly for the questions that you might have.

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