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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Appealing To Top Producing Real Estate Agents?

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Appealing To Top Producing Real Estate Agents?

As a professional inspector, you already know how dynamic your industry is. Continuing education is no stranger to you as is the ever-changing marketplace that is instrumental in getting the word out about your business. Enter Social Media to the picture. There are many social media platforms for us to get involved with. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and SnapChat are just a few of the hottest virtual social spots and ones we should seriously pay attention to regarding our business. But one and only one stands out on a strictly professional level. It’s LinkedIn. Know if your home inspection business name is appealing to top producing real estate agents.

LinkedIn can be instrumental for you to connect with other businesses to see how they do business, but more importantly, find future customers. Companies throughout the world are using LinkedIn to make connections and grow their businesses. Customers like top producing real estate agents use LinkedIn and follow a business for information collection. This way they can learn details about a company and their services, read testimonials and see if the business is a right fit for their needs.

This is why it is imperative to have an up to date LinkedIn Profile Page that targets top producing real estate agents. It is important to have your home inspection business name and profile appear very appealing.

Research Keywords: Before you write your profile, think about home inspection business name or keywords associated with your home inspection business. Keywords, in this case, are words a real estate agent or customer would use in Google and other search engines find your business. What are your most important skills as a home inspector? There are free keyword search sites to help you find the most-used search phrases. Some may include “home inspection OH” or “national certified home inspector,” or “top producing real estate agent home inspectors.” When it is clear to you what your keywords are, use them frequently in your profile. This helps your home inspection business name and profile appealing. Check out the LinkedIn profile pages of some of your colleagues to see what keywords they use.

Update Resume: Consider finding new business (or them finding you) just like looking for a job. The first thing you do before heading for the interview is updating your resume. A current resume will show potential customers that you are professional, have experience in home inspections and get familiar with your qualifications. Make sure you include all of your qualifications, skills, education and references. This is an excellent place to include testimonials from satisfied customers. If you don’t have any testimonials on file, reach out to your satisfied customers and ask them to submit one for you. Remember to use your home inspector keywords.

Business Photograph: Smile! A picture is worth a thousand words and possibly a thousand customers so use a photograph that makes your first impression a positive one. Always use a professional photograph of a welcoming, smiling you so the potential customer will relate to you.

Link to Your Website: Social media is a great place to “romance” potential customers and provide them with the “first date” information of your business, but always make sure you leave them wanting more. This “more” they can find on your company website. Be short and sweet, but detailed on your LinkedIn Page. Use links to your website or blog so potential customers will click and find out more about you on your very own website.

Stay Social every day: Be a social butterfly! Social media is a very interactive and requires daily use. Check your LinkedIn Page at least once each day to see if there are messages that need answering, customers to follow up on and to see if anyone has posted anything about your business. You should also post industry relevant information on your page too. For example, if you posted a “how to” blog on your website, let your followers know about it by posting, “New Must See Blog Post” and link it to your web address. Or if a colleague posted some industry news, share it with your followers.


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