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Why Should I Become A Part Of The Savvy Inspector Coaching Group?

If So, Here’s The Answer . . .

To Achieve Your Dream Of Getting And Keeping You And Your Home Inspector’s Schedules Full All Year Long, With Or Without Real Estate Agent Referrals!

I’m confident this is totally doable for you.

Since 2006 we’ve helped hundreds of home inspectors, just like you, all across the US and several other countries achieve their dream of a consistently full schedule.

The coaching program is so good that lots of home inspectors that started in the program in the early years are still in the coaching program today, continuing to learn advanced strategies to increase their sales and profits.

Now, if you accept this proposal, it will cost you exactly $39.97.

That’s the “bad news”.

Home Inspection Marketing - The Savvy Inspector

In exchange for this tiny investment, I am going to give you access to the most effective home inspection coaching program ever!

We’re going to share with you what you need to do, we’re going to share with you why you need to do it and we’re going to give you the tools to do it. The only thing you’ll need to do is actually implement what we share with you.

When You Join The Savvy Inspector Coaching Program You’ll Discover. . .

  • Where you want your home inspection business to be in the next 3 to 5 years.
  • What activities you need to do each day to keep your inspection schedule full.
  • How to measure your results so you can do more of what’s working best.
  • How to find and effectively market to top producers.
  • How to select the right real estate offices to market and what to do to while you’re there that will get the agents referring you sooner rather than later.
  • How to retain a larger number of your referral sources so you can become a “big fish” in a smaller pond.
  • How to go direct to the public for business to better secure your financial future.
  • How to recruit, hire and train home inspectors. We’ll teach you how to automate the process so you can kiss less frogs on your journey to finding a prince!
  • How to better manage the dreaded call backs and how to automate that process as well. Call backs aren’t like fine wine, they don’t get better with age.
  • Plus a whole lot more!

So let me ask you this. . . Be truthful to yourself

The Ultimate Home Inspection Success Blueprint
Common Questions for Home Inspectors - The Savvy Inspector

Almost every successful, growing business in the world requires training. Why shouldn’t you be training for this one? If you are serious about wanting this to bring home the bacon, you must get serious about your training. Fame and fortune do not come to those who do not put in the time and effort. Our monthly program is set up for you to access 24/7; you can schedule into your life what works best. So even if you are working full-time at something else, you can manage to get all the information you need in bytes that you can handle.

You know you are practicing “hope and pray marketing” if these things are happening to you. . .

  • You Struggle To Get And Keep Your Or Your Home Inspection Teams Schedule Full All Year Long, Especially In The Winter Months?
  • You Noticed Income Swings In Your Business Because. . . When You’re Marketing You’re Not Inspecting And When You’re Inspecting You’re Not Marketing?

Here’s the cure for hope and pray marketing. . .

Implementing systems for growth into your home inspection business that eliminate the income swings you’ve experienced in the past.

When you Join The Savvy Inspector Coaching Group we will teach you our proven systems and you will be able to implement them into your firm right away!

So here’s what you get. . .

1. Unlimited 24/7 access to all of the content on the website.

2. Two Monthly Teaching Webinar (plus all the prior months are archived on the site)

3. Unlimited Access To TSI Engage Our Member’s Only Private Members Forum Where You Can Interact With Other TSI Members. (that’s one busy place)

4. Support Ticket Ticket Assistance To Help You With Any Issues You Might Have.

5. And so much more.

You Get It ALL – For A Full 30 Days – For Just $39.97

That’s right. . .

Your investment today is just $39.97.

I May Be Crazy. . . But I’m Not Stupid

It may come as a surprise, but I do have an ulterior motive for making this offer.

As you have probably already guessed, I’m not getting rich giving away my best stuff for less than $40.

My sincere hope is you’ll love what you see and choose to stay.

If you do, GREAT!

If not, that’s ok too.

Just cancel before the 30 days are up and owe nothing further.

But if you do love it (and I think you will), you’ll automatically be renewed at our InnerCircle Member rate of just $79.95 a month.

A nominal amount. . .

. . .especially when compared to what you’ll make when you implement just one of the strategies you’ll discover or what you’ll save by getting a direct, specific answer to that one big question that’s been plaguing you.

NOTE: There Are No Contracts To Sign And You Can Stop Anytime! So don’t delay and let’s get started. . .

Ready to Get Started with Home Inspection Business?

See you on the inside, Ken Compton, Founder and CEO, The Savvy Inspector