Individual & Group Coaching Programs

As you can see from the table below is our Individual & Group Coaching Programs. The Savvy Inspector has three different Coaching Tracks and you can select the one that works best for you. The primary difference between the InnerCircle track and the Accelerate Roundtable track is the Accelerate Roundtable track offers more one on one help from our coaching team.

Fast Track groups get formed from the Accelerate Roundtable Membership. In other words, you have to be a member of the Accelerate Roundtable so we get to know you better and understand your experience level before you could be put into a Fast Track Group.

Note: Many of our most successful Members are in the InnerCircle track. InnerCircle Members have complete access to all of the content on the site, plus much more.

However, if you want more one on one help from our coaching team to grow your business faster, then the Accelerate Roundtable track would be the track for you.

 Inner Circle Group CoachingFast Track For Greater Success Group
Unlimited Access To All The Content On The Site button_okbutton_ok
1 Live Monthly Conference Callbutton_okbutton_ok
2 One Hour Live Q&A Callbutton_okbutton_ok
Unlimited access to our private Facebook group TSI Engage.button_okbutton_ok
Support Ticket System Assistancebutton_ok
Private Forums
Two 2 Hour Live Roundtable Sessions Each Month.button_ok
25% Discount On All Digital Products In The Webstore.button_ok
Private Facebook Group.button_ok
2 Two Day Offsite Meetings Annually. (Optional) button_ok
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Victor Sedinger

Hey Ken, just listened to the monthly conference call. Awesome! I’m just blown away. The Mastermind group sounds like just what we’ve been praying for. It touches all the aspects that we know we need to address. We are so grateful to have a coach who sees our needs and acts on them to provide us and lead us to not only envision our dreams but take action to fulfill them. Again, awesome!

Phil Henderson

Hey Ken, as you know I’ve had some explosive growth the last two years in business. I set a goal again this year to increase our revenue 20% over last year. Well so far we are up 36% over last year and that was a 22 year record! Thanks Buddy!

Jason Muckey

I want to say thank you once again to Ken and The Savvy team. They not only have all the tools and resources to grow your business but more importantly they give you the mentality to grow your business.

When I first joined the Savvy I was worried about how to grow my business or where will my next inspection come from. My talks with Ken have given me a different perspective. Now it’s where do I want to go or how big do I want to get. The sky is the limit. I don’t limit myself but understand that my success is a direct correlation to what I want and envision. The limitations are only what you put on yourself.

The jump to the Accelerated Round Table has given me the opportunity to directly speak to what I consider the best coaches out there. I strongly recommend getting that one on one time.