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Home Inspector Training: Hire The Right Candidate At The Right Time

Home Inspector Training: Hire The Right Candidate At The Right Time

I’ve been a home inspection business owner since 1997 and a home inspector coach since 2006. During the course of my tenure in the home inspection industry I have been asked by a lot of home inspectors to help them understand why their new hire failed.

One common thread that runs through the majority of the failures is that the home inspection business owner settled for candidate instead of getting the right person. Maybe you know how it works, your schedule is really full and your turning away a lot of business. This puts the home inspection business owner in a full panic mode and they just hire a warm body instead of waiting to get the right person for the slot.

The best thing you can do is develop what we call “talent bank.” A talent bank is a place where you keep names of local people that you think have great interpersonal skills and might be right for a home inspection job in the future. You keep in touch with them and when you have an opening in your firm you can check with them about whether they are happy with their career (in some cases you’ll already know this) or would they like to explore other employment opportunities. You see these people every day at the bank, the home improvement store, or maybe it’s somebody that provide services to you and your family like the pest control person.

Another thing that we share with our home inspection coaching clients is to continuously run your recruiting ads to help you build your talent bank.

At Southern Home Inspection Services, we hired a new inspector when all of our existing inspectors were 80% full consistently. This formula worked great for us and allowed us to continue to have the staff we needed to serve our ever increasing demand.

Check out this brief video below to learn more about this topic.

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The staff at The Savvy Inspector has lots of experience in turning one man shops into multi-inspector firms. When you get signed up for The Savvy Inspector coaching group you will have access all materials you need to successfully recruit, hire and train home inspectors. So join us today!


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