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TSI Success Story

Home Inspector Success Story: Malcolm Godwin & The Chattanooga Home Inspector

Each Home Inspector has their own story to tell – from the day they decided to start a new career to having a successful Home Inspection business.

Want to know what it takes to be a successful Home Inspector?

In my recent interview with  Malcolm Godwin, owner of Chattanooga Home Inspector, Malcolm shared with me his Home Inspector Career journey.  Having no Home Inspection business background in his family, who would have thought that a Defense Contractor serving in the Middle East would shift a career and own a successful business in the industry?

Malcolm shared how he started and got his license. As all Home Inspector knows, getting a license does not directly equate to being a success in the career. Being new in the career, he had some troubles getting clients.

He shared his experience joining one of The Savvy Inspector's 3-day workshop and how it helped him. He then decided to join The Savvy Inspector Coaching Program and the rest is history.

Listen to the whole interview and learn from someone who’s been there – the road from beginning to success!

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⇣ Download Transcription ⇣                                                                                                                          


Just like Malcolm, you too can create your own success story with your Home Inspection business.  You just have to know your ways towards that goal.

Want to know how?  We will make it easier for you!

Download the Home Inspection Success Blueprint and we will guide you on how you can keep your schedule full all year long!

Get your copy of our Home Inspection Success Blueprint today!

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