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In the age of e-commerce shopping and online marketing growing rapidly, your brick-and-mortar business, built years ago, might get you embarrassed sending prospective customers to a physical store they can’t find on Google. To scale your business, it is time to focus on buying behavior trends emphasizing the importance of a website for today’s business age. There’s nothing like a cup of coffee and online shopping in your tank top and pajamas.

A study shows that 88% of consumers research their products on the Internet before making a purchase online or in-store. The same data set indicates that most consumers plan to order online for holiday presents, while a good 60% still walk to physical stores where in-store pickup has become an increasingly popular method of doing business.

Understanding your business goals, who your target audience is, and knowing how to best reach them are keys to adapting to the ever-thriving digital age before taking that next step of having a website.

Let’s look at the reasons you need a business website and how important these are in setting up your success.

1. It Is Your Backbone for Marketing.

Your website serves as your best marketing tool. With a business website in place, supporting all your digital marketing efforts doesn’t have to be laid out all over the place. In a digital platform where any business can grow at scale, a website can be everything in this instance. If built professionally, maintained, and updated regularly, you will naturally drive interested customers to go to and learn about your business. Making your website a helpful resource for your target audience will help you find more success as you grow.

2. Low Startup Cost.

Just like setting up an actual storefront, getting started with a professional website sure is an investment but in the greater scheme of things and at a low startup cost. Getting a professional website for your business doesn’t have to break the bank. It allows minimal operating expenditures such as rent, utilities, inventory costs, and more.

Some business owners may think setting up a website to be complicated or expensive, but on the contrary, building and maintaining a website is easier and more affordable to get your business up quickly and start selling! If you are not tech-savvy or creative, you can use simple web publishing tools or hire a professional for less.

3. Convenience of eCommerce.

Your business website can serve as a digital brochure where you can inherently promote your products and services, and close sales without pressure. It also allows you to share real-time information about your offerings such as special promotions and events which eliminates the hassle of paying and waiting for new print marketing materials. Giving your customers the ability to browse or visit your ``store`` 24 hours makes eCommerce a very appealing choice for smart business owners. Adding a few elements like messaging automation, payment processing, and CRM integration are just some of the things you can set up an eCommerce store with to allow customers to purchase your products or services. Even if you feel like wearing yoga pants for two days in a row, you can run your business smoothly right from your site anywhere, anytime.

4. It Builds Credibility.

A website is the gateway to your business brand. The importance of a website for building credibility is something that can provide significant value to any given business. This is a key component of your brand. Establishing credibility among audiences starts with the foundation of understanding your business and being a knowledgeable resource of what they need about your enterprise and allowing them to see what your brand is all about.

For traditional businesses, even amazing word-of-mouth marketing can only get you so far. Happy customers are quick to share their experiences with your products or services. What faster way to get their thoughts, reviews, and testimonials than to take it to the Internet? Remember that when finding a reputable and credible business, consumers will want to check you out, so you need to be transparent before they get to trust you and choose to work with you.

However, none of these matters if you don't show up in the search engines. It’s time to get your website started!

5. You Are in Control.

Imagine the customer reach and sales you could make 24/7 without having to give up sleep. Imagine putting out relevant content, giving consumers what they need to know about and the benefits of your product or service at any time of the day or night. Having a business website means you can work anywhere, round-the-clock.

A website is certainly simpler and faster to launch than a brick-and-mortar storefront. When building your website, you can control what content to put in, your brand story, and business information. You could also control your website design and layout that will reflect your branding - logo, fonts, colors, etc. Website design and overall usability can attract the right customers, hence, drive more sales.

Relying on third-party platforms such as Yelp, Angie's List, or Thumbtack can be one way to go, but incorrect or incomplete contact information and bad reviews are risks you don't want to take. Having your own website also allows you control over what audiences see about your business.

Now that you know why you need to get your business website started, the “how” will come easy when you have the right people to get it done right for you. This guide should help you and your business grow to its maximum potential, and be at the forefront of success. Launch your business website today.