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Home Inspection Marketing Tip: All Real Estate Agents Aren’t The Same

Home Inspection Marketing Tip: All Real Estate Agents Aren't The Same

We teach our home inspection coaching clients to look at real estate agents differently. We classify real estate agents as Top Producers or Non-Top Producers. The way we market and the resources we spend on each of these groups is very different.

When we market non-top producing real estate agents we aggressively try to knock out the home inspector that they are currently using. Our marketing message is written in the problem, agitate, solve format. In other words, our marketing message conveys that the non-top producing real estate agent would be better off working with us than their current inspector. Many of these non-top producing real estate agents don’t have as many sales each year and therefore many of them do not have a strong loyalty to a home inspector. These are the easiest to get on your team, we call them low hanging fruit.

However, top producing real estate agents are a completely different beast. They have generally done research on the home inspector before they selected them. If you were to send a message to a top producing real estate agent that their home inspector might not be the best choice for them, you could be insulting that top producing real estate agent. Therefore, our message to top producing real estate agents is we want to be number two. So we share our marketing message and we let them know that we understand that they have a relationship with home inspector but for whatever reason if that inspector was not available or they were upset with his or her actions we would be waiting in the wings to serve them.

Check out this brief video to learn more about the strategies.

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