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Home Inspection Marketing Moves Towards Voice Search: The Future of Search

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It's been much easier these days for us to search for information that we need on the internet, due to the many tools we have at our disposal to do so. One of the most notable search tools is voice search. According to Google, 20% of mobile searches now are from voice queries. As the mobile industry continues to grow, so as the possible transition of the majority of searches will come from virtual assistance services.

So, what is voice search? And what this means for home inspection marketing?

Voice search is, quite literally, using your voice to search for something on the internet. You may have done this yourself, usually through an intelligent assistant such as Alexa, Cortana, or Siri; or through a voice assistant device such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. 

So it means that we need to revisit the way we look at the keywords we'll use for our home inspection marketing strategies. 

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If you've noticed, it's really easy to do a voice search. All you do is go to your voice assistant application and speak whatever it is that you're looking for into the microphone, usually like so: "[Voice Application], where can I find a home inspector in near me?", as an example pertaining to looking for a business or service. The application will then use those search terms you have given and return with a set of results related to whatever it is you are looking for.

If the results involve a local business, the search will look for businesses near the searcher's current detectable location, provides a map with landmarks for each corresponding business listing, and the base details of the business itself, such as cell phone number, website link, address, ratings, opening hours, among others. With a dedicated map application, you can even get directions to the location/s listed.   

With respect to the way it's done that I elaborated earlier, something to consider about voice search is that the terms used are more often than not conversational. In the previous example, the search term wasn't a mere few words like "home inspection" or the like. It was a full on sentence, addressing the application and requesting it to search for specific terms.

You will need to consider adding new keywords that will line up with the way voice searches are done. That's why I believe this calls for a rethink of the keyword strategies to move more on "natural" sounding key phrases rather than the short specific keywords we are used to.

In addition to that, the latter half of your keywords should have more details that have services that your business can offer. For example, "…where can I find a home inspector that specializes in pool inspection?" is a good one to add if you do specialize in pool inspection, and will fetch you more customers on that term. Structuring your keywords that way will help you get more hits from anyone using a voice search service.

Now, it's important as a businessperson to understand the impact of using voice search in order to help boost one's business. As I explained above, it's so easy to use voice search, so easy that more and more people today are using voice search over normal text search in order to find the information that they need. We all know how people can be lazy sometimes, right?

When a business has been prepared for voice search, you can essentially direct people towards your business, especially if they search for you near your business location. 

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home inspection marketing

If you're a home inspection business owner who thinks that change is indeed necessary in order to keep up with technology or want to look for support from experts in home inspection marketing, look no further! The Savvy Inspector is here to help you with any problems you may have in applying voice search optimization or anything else concerning the presence of your home inspection business on the internet.

TSI offers home inspector marketing training, group coaching services, monthly coaching webinars, forums of other coaching members, a support ticket system, and much more!

Either way, I hope this discussion on voice search will help you improve your home inspection business and help you find more customers.

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