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Home Inspection Marketing: Follow Up On Online Reviews

Home Inspection Marketing: Follow Up On Online Reviews

Would you select a home inspector that has bad ratings and reviews?

Obviously you wouldn't because no one wants to actually have that exact same experience when they get their home inspection. So consumers always look at reviews as the indicator of how they might experience that product or service.

But here is the more important question…

Two products are identical; one has ten good reviews; the other has three good reviews but one bad review. Which one do you buy? Obviously, it's the one with ten good reviews. And why is that? Because we want to have a great experience and we're looking to make sure that a company is consistent with delivering that experience or that product or service.

This is what homebuyers do every single day. They go online and they're looking to find the most reputable home inspection company to do business with. And only one bad review (or no reviews at all) can send the home buyer from your website or your listing online to someone else's. So that means the difference between your phone ringing or your competition's phone ringing.

Your company's online reputation is critical in getting business from the Internet and no reviews is just as harmful to the sales process as bad reviews!

You want 5 Star Reviews only because they get you pre-qualified, pre-sold customers because buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. A recent study by Miles Anderson from Bright Local showed seventy two percent of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. So reviews can be incredibly bad for your business if they're bad (or nonexistent); but they can be incredibly good for your business if they're really good.

So here's the real question… Do you know what your online reputation is?

If not, I've got great news for you. We have developed a software app that will allow you to check your online reputation for FREE!

To get your free reputation report go to:

Okay, does all of this seem a little bit overwhelming? If so, don't fret because The Savvy Inspector can do all of this for you.

We don't believe in just reputation management, we believe in reputation marketing. We don't want you to be on the defensive exclusively, we want to take your good reviews and send them all across the Internet so homebuyers can really understand why they should select you for their home inspection.

To Learn More About Developing Your 5 Star Reputation Online, take A Minute And See The Reputation Marketing System In Action (this video was originally produced to introduce our existing 'Done For You Services" clients to the new Reputation Marketing System and now we've pulled back the curtain for you to see it all!)

To better understand the problems and solutions of developing a Five-Star Reputation for your home inspection firm click here.

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