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Home Inspection Business: Inspecting All Day & Typing All Night?

Home Inspection Business: Inspecting All Day & Typing All Night?


If you are not doing this then, then you're not running your home inspection business. Your business is running you! I guarantee you this situation was not what you signed up for when you opened your home inspection firm. How does your spouse or significant other feel about this situation?

I hear home inspectors espouse a variety of reasons why they don't prepare the report on the job site. I had a 12 year veteran inspector share with me that he had to come home and review the report one last time before he gave it to the client because he was afraid there might be a mistake. When I quizzed him about how many times he had to make changes at his home office, he admitted that they were few and far between.

What's really holding back most of the home inspectors from producing the report on site is a mindset issue. You have to believe in yourself. You have to know that you have done a quality inspection and that you have input your findings correctly. When you change your mindset about this you will be able to change your life for the better. Wouldn't it be nice to come home and just go fishing or play golf or whatever it is you enjoy most?

Here are four ways to improve your process so that you can get that report done on the job site.

1. Manage client expectations. Don't let clients or agents pull you all over the house looking at this or that issue. Let them know that you inspect using a routine and if you get out of that routine you might miss something. They'll understand that concept and you know they want you to catch everything.

2. Have excellent drop down comments prepared in advance of the inspection. So many of the things we see in a home inspection are routine and you can just insert one of your own canned comments into the report when you see that issue during an inspection. The canned comment might require a little tweaking but at least you will not have to write the whole comment each and every time you see that issue.

3. Prefill as much of the inspection report as you can in advance of the inspection. You can learn all about the property that you're going to inspect by doing a little internet research prior to pulling out of the driveway. In most cases, you can just type in the property address and many details will already show up from different online listings.

4. Manage your time religiously during the inspection. Set yourself a time goal to have the outside of the home inspected and your inspection findings input into your computer. Then do the same thing for the first floor, second floor, and basement or crawlspace. By setting yourself time goals and paying close attention to them, you will see that you can actually inspect more quickly without any loss of quality.

Finally, as the owner of your home inspection business, you tend to tolerate the 'inspect all day, type all night' situation even if you don't like it. However, when you hire inspectors they are not going to deal with it for a  long time. You won't be able to pay them enough to work 12 or 15 hours a day producing inspections and reports. Many will quit fairly quickly once they discover the reality of producing the inspection reports. They wouldn't want to forgo their family and friends to type inspection reports all evening.

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