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Google My Business: The Key To Boosting Your Brand's Visibility

Steps To Getting Ranked In Google My Business

Have you ever felt the frustration of not being found on the top searches of home inspections?

Online marketing has an extensive audience reach across the web which makes it a very convenient and useful platform in making sure your brand will be known to your target audience/market. Of course, with exposure as big as that. You wouldn't want your business to be found in the last part of related searches. It not only costs you potential traffic but potential customers as well.  

Nowadays, everyone is online. People don't look at yellow pages or phone books anymore. Google My Business is what the customers are using in looking for a solution to their problems, needs and wants. It is considered as the new trend because:

  • It's the new yellow pages
  • You're easier to find
  • It's free advertising
Google My Business brings a lot of benefits but in order to tap into that,  make sure to consider the following: your Google My Business listings with descriptions, your Website, your Monthly Offer and the Reviews on your Business.

Another tip is to analyze and research for the top 10 listings that show up and look for the citations they have and what their domain authority is. Researching your competitor's citations and backlinks will help you get a better idea of what you need and how you can improve the SEO for your website. Improving your content and enhancing its relevance will help you get achieve greater visibility and be on the first page of Google searches.  

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Steps To Getting Ranked #1 In Google My Business

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