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Going Directly To The Public For Business

Go Direct To The Public For Business

Go Direct To The Public For Business Marketing

rp_canstockphoto0161416-300x226.jpgLeverage The Power Of The Internet For More Inspections

Are you still on the fence whether or not your home inspection firm needs to have a serious online presence?  Maybe you're thinking about setting up a Facebook or Pinterest page but you’re not certain if you want to invest the time or money needed to increase your presence online. If that’s how you feel, please read on!

Fact: The most successful home inspection firms in America have an excellent online presence and they get business directly from the public each week via the Internet.

Check this out…

According to a recent survey.

In 2014, the majority of consumers (57%) have searched online for a local business more than six times in the last year – that’s at least once every other month.

Most significantly there is a 8% jump in the number of respondents who go online to find a local business multiple times each week (7% to 15%) which points to more habitual use of the internet to find a local business.

Consumers are becoming more comfortable using the internet to find businesses on both their PC and mobile devices. There are more and better services for locating local businesses which make it faster, easier and better for consumers. It's habit forming and they are starting to use the internet with increasing regularity.

Remember this. You are a local business needing local business!

Here’s another compelling reason to have a serious online presence.

Almost 9 out of 10 consumers have looked at reviews in the last 12 months to help them make a decision on a local business. What's more, 4 out of 10 consumers do so as a regular action.

As consumers we are growing more accustomed to consulting reviews when we purchase all types of products and services – hotels, flights, cars, restaurants, doctors, plumbers… so why not real estate agents and home inspectors?

So for local businesses in all sectors, this underlines the importance of reviews and the priority that business owners should put on managing their reputation and ensuring their online reviews are plentiful, positive and fresh.

Local consumers are placing more trust in online reviews than ever before.  As a matter of fact, 88% (vs 79% in 2013) trust them as much as personal recommendations.

Here are a few other reasons for your home inspection firm to have a serious online presence.

1. Brand Building

As the home inspection industry grows more and more competitive, one of the biggest challenges inspectors face is building their brand.  The reality is that a company saying their product/service is "the best" or "highest quality" is nothing but fluff. Potential customers need to not only see to believe, but experience to believe.  Thus, if people are searching for your offering, your website and online presence is so much more than "just a website".  It builds and is an extension of your brand that never sleeps!

2. Marketing Possibilities

You have a hot promotion, are hosting a special fundraising event, or have a brand new service/product.  The question then is – how do you get the word out?  The traditional approach would be to send out flyers, direct mailings, and maybe even purchase an ad in your local newspaper.  But how effective is this really, especially when considering the cost?

The beauty of the internet and online marketing is that you can blast out any message to your customers or target market for FREE!  On top of that, with the viral nature of the web, your message can quickly spread from 1 to 1,000 people in a matter of hours.

3. Knowing Your Prospects/Customers

It's common knowledge that business success is a function of building relationships (you know the know me, like me, trust me relationship).  Unfortunately, unless you are able to have a three to five minute conversation with each and every one of your prospects, this can be a tall order. Thankfully, with the many social media tools available online, such as Twitter, you are able to quickly and easily locate your prospects and customers and engage with them at a deeper level.

4. Measurability

As touched upon earlier, marketing, brand building, and getting to know your prospects and customers can often be an uphill battle.  What can really be frustrating is that even when you do make some progress, it's not always clear what the cause of the progress was!  The last advantage of having a well designed website with great marketing is that you can not only achieve the items listed above, but you can also measure how effective each cog is in the machine.  Finally, you can make decisions in your business based on actual numbers, not just a gut feeling!

Establishing and/or improving upon your web presence may seem complicated and to some degree it is. However, even a modest investment building your online presence can have a big impact.

Fact: Taking your home inspection business successfully online means taking it to a whole new level!

At The Savvy Inspector, we teach our members how to get their home inspection firm online successfully. For those inspectors who don’t want to learn all of the skill sets needed to establish a successful online presence for their firm can have The Savvy Inspector Team do their online marketing for them. Click here to learn more about how our team can put your home inspection business online everywhere home buyers are looking for home inspector online.

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