Is The Savvy Inspector a membership site? How much does it cost to join The Savvy Inspector?

Yes, The Savvy Inspector Is A Membership Site. Your first month is just $39.97 and then it's $79.95 a month thereafter.

Do I have to sign a contract when I join The Savvy Inspector?

There are no contracts to sign when you join The Savvy Inspector. We feel like we have to earn your business every month so why should we ask you to sign a contract?

Why is The Savvy Inspector priced so low? What the heck can you get for that price? We spend more than that for a family dinner out in our town!

The Savvy Inspector is priced very low so that every home inspector who wants to grow their business can do so without breaking the bank.

I know that many home inspectors think that they can't get anything worthwhile for $79.95 a month. We are conditioned in America to think something that doesn't cost much is it worth anything but that's not true in the case of The Savvy inspector.

Take A Look At This…

The training material on The Savvy Inspector site is broken down into Learning Modules, so that you can focus your efforts on gaining the skills you need, quickly and easily!

This Is Where It All Begins!

We'll Teach You…

  • How to determine where you want your home inspection business to be in 3 to 5 years.
  • Then we'll teach you how to set up "Smart Goals" to achieve your Vision.
  • Next we'll share with you how to set up a "To Do List" on steroids to make it all happen, and
  • Last but not least, we'll show you the best way to determine if what you're doing is working or not!

Once you've got the Marketing Planning piece in place, we move on to one of my favorite things, learning how to go Direct To The Public For Business.

We'll Share With You…

  • How to get inspections from the public by using the Social Networks like Facebook.
  • Why Video Marketing is critical, plus, you'll get step by step instructions on how to do it.
  • The difference between a Sales Website and a Blog and why you need both to get more sales.
  • How tying together Social Networks, your Blog and Video Marketing can build "your brand" and skyrocket your sales.

In Addition To That, We'll Teach You All About…

  • Home Buyers Seminars
  • Builders Warranty Inspections
  • Pre-Listing Inspections
  • Business To Business Marketing
  • And numerous other Go Direct To The Public Strategies

Now, no successful marketer is willing to "put all their eggs in one basket," so we also teach you…

How To Market Your Prior Clients!

These folks already know you, like you and trust you, and you need them to use you again and refer you to others. So we'll teach you how to make your prior clients, raving fans!

Finally, To Round Out Your Marketing Training, We'll Share With You…

  • How to identify and get business from Top Producers in your local real estate offices.
  • How to determine what real estate offices you should be calling on and what you should do specifically, once you get inside the door!
  • How to use email effectively, so that your emails are a welcome guest in the real estate agent's inbox, not an unwelcome pest!
  • How to use Direct Mail to beef up your marketing efforts in your targeted offices!
  • How to get Sales Meetings set up and what to talk about!
  • How to build strong working relationships with professional real estate agents by providing them ongoing education!
  • How to retain the existing real estate referral sources that you have and how to leverage your relationships with them, to get more agents to refer you!
  • How to identify and reactivate real estate agents that have given you referrals in the past, but not lately.
  • And much, much more!

Also, Did I Mention That We Have…

  • Member Call In Day Twice A Month: This is where our Member's call in and talk with me one on one.
  • Our Member's Only Monthly Conference Call: This is a group call for all of our Members.
  • Our Member's Only Success Audio Of The Month
  • Member's Only Webinars
  • A Member's Only Forum: We talk marketing and technical issues and the Member's are nice to each other.
  • The Annual Member's Only Workshop, and much, much more!

BONUS: We archive the Monthly Success Audio Interviews and Monthly Conference Calls on the site for you to download, listen to and profit from!

OK, I've just scratched the surface of what you'll get when you get signed up as a Member of The Savvy Inspector Coaching Program, but you get the point.

Will I get automatically get billed the full membership price after my 30 day trial period?

Yes, your Savvy Inspector membership fee automatically rebills every 30 days.

If you need to cancel your membership for any reason you can just give us a call at 706-253-2818. Remember, there are no contracts to sign and you can stop anytime (but why would you?).

Does The Savvy Inspector have more than one membership level?

As you can see from the table below, The Savvy Inspector has three different Coaching Tracks and you can select the one that works best for you. The primary difference between the InnerCircle track and the Accelerate Roundtable track is the Accelerate Roundtable track offers more one on one help from our coaching team.

Mastermind groups get formed from the Accelerate Roundtable Membership. In other words, you have to be a member of the Accelerate Roundtable so we get to know you better and understand your experience level before you could be put into a Mastermind Group.

Please Note: Many of our most successful members are in the InnerCircle track. InnerCircle Members have complete access to all of the content on the site, plus much more. However, if you want more one on one help from our coaching team to grow your business faster, then the Accelerate Roundtable track would be the track for you.

  Inner Circle Group Coaching Fast Track For Greater Success Group
Unlimited Access To All The Content On The Site button_ok button_ok
1 Live Monthly Conference Call button_ok button_ok
2 One Hour Live Q&A Call button_ok button_ok
Unlimited access to our private Facebook group TSI Engage. button_ok button_ok
Support Ticket System Assistance button_ok
Private Forums
Two 2 Hour Live Roundtable Sessions Each Month. button_ok
25% Discount On All Digital Products In The Webstore. button_ok
Private Facebook Group. button_ok
2 Two Day Offsite Meetings Annually. (Optional) button_ok


Do I have to join a higher membership level to have access to all of the coaching material?

No, all of the coaching material is available to all of the members, regardless of which coaching track you choose.

Can I really grow my business if I remain in the lowest priced membership level?

YES You Can!  Many of the most successful Savvy Inspector Members started in the InnerCircle track and are still in the InnerCircle track today. InnerCircle Members have complete access to all of the content on the site, plus much more.

Is this the type of membership website that I have to read and do everything on my own without help?

Heck No! The Savvy Inspector runs group and individual coaching programs so you can get as much help as you need (or want) from the coaches, from the website and from TSI Engage our Member's Only private Facebook page.

I want to turn my one man shop into a multi-inspector firm. Does The Savvy Inspector have any experience in this area?

Since 2006 The Savvy Inspector has assisted dozens of one man shops in turning their operation into a successful multi-inspector firm.

We will teach you how to recruit, hire and train home inspectors. Will also teach you how to automate the process so you can kiss a lot less frogs while looking for that perfect home inspector prince.

We will also provide you the documents that you need to make the transition from a one-man shop to multi-Inspector firm smoother and easier.

If I join The Savvy Inspector will I have to buy lots of other things as well to grow my business?

Owning a home inspection business is just like owning any other business, you need some working capital to be successful.

With that said, The Savvy Inspector shares lots of free strategies with our Members that they can use to grow their home inspection business.

We will also introduce our Members to other marketing strategies that are low-cost. We don't teach any strategies that cost lots of money to implement.

I run around like a chicken with my head cut off putting out fires in my business. What can The Savvy Inspector do to help me out with this problem?

In order to stop feeling like a "chicken with your head cut off" you're going to need to be proactive instead of reactive. At The Savvy Inspector, we will teach you how to create and maintain a high-growth home inspection business without burning out by leveraging systems and technology.

Without systems you don't own a business – you ARE the business.

I have a business partner/marketing manager. Can he/she be included in the membership site with me for one price?

Yes! If you have a business partner in your home inspection firm or you have a marketing manager that needs to access The Savvy Inspector we will allow you to do that with one membership.

Note: We employ technology that monitors this situation very closely.

I own a multi-inspector firm, why should I join The Savvy Inspector?

The Savvy Inspector has lots of multi-inspector Coaching Clients because. They want to stay at the top of their game and they get exactly what they need in our Coaching Program.

Check out what one of the most successful home inspection company owners says about The Savvy Inspector.

"Ken, just wanted to drop you a line and say "THANK YOU" for being such a Great Coach and Motivator. You and Beth work so hard to stay in touch with your members and give GREAT & UNIQUE lead generating information related to the Home Inspection Industry.

We have been in business since 1995 and have seen them real estate market go up and down. Because of your coaching, we never stopped marketing through this last downturn in the real estate market and it has "Paid Off BIG". Thank you for your constant reminder of building the "Know You, Like You, Trust You" and "Implement, Implement, Implement".

Thank You from Brian & Brenda Murphy and the whole A-Action Home Inspection Group Team."

What other products and services does The Savvy Inspector offer to help home inspectors achieve their dreams?

Besides Individual and Group Coaching, The Savvy Inspector offers VA Services, Websites and Online Marketing Services. We also offer Digital Products that help home inspectors get their phone ring more.

I am a one man shop and dont want to be a multi-inspector firm, what can The Savvy Inspector offer me?

Here's what a successful one man shop gets from The Savvy Inspector.

"Ken understands the needs of home inspectors and their partners in the real estate business and has helped me increase my business in many ways.

First, he showed me how to set up a marketing plan, calendar and how to use them to better manage my time and resources. Then he help me know what to put in my marketing plan to better market myself in the least expensive ways and get the most return on the marketing dollar.

Ken takes time to personally coach when I have needed it, I have been able to call him, email him and have access to's forum where there's tons resources the answer all my questions.
Myself have increased by double by taking his recommendations and omitting them."

Thomas Tad

After reviewing all the FAQ's what should I do next?

Join The Savvy Inspector Coaching Program Now By Clicking Here!

Leslie & Brandon Testone were glad they joined!

Check out what they had to say.

"What a Godsend the TSI group is to any home inspector firm. After reviewing their website we join their membership and have received all the tools necessary to become a successful home inspecting firm. They not only offer tons of ideas on becoming successful we also hired them to build a website and boost our presence on the Internet. Beth and her team are easy and great to work with, especially with answering any and all questions. Her team is knowledgeable and really takes pride in their work. So grateful we found them and look forward to our future."