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Do You Want To Bring Your Spouse Into The Business?

Do You Want To Bring Your Spouse Into The Business?

home inspection trainingAnswering the phone or home inspection marketing?

Are thinking about bringing your spouse into your home inspection business? If so, what will they do for your firm? Should they answer the phone for you or engage in home inspection marketing?

Some of the worries home inspectors have when they bring their spouse into the business are…

  • The potential loss of insurance and other employee benefits that the spouse might have with their current employer.
  • The loss of income from the job the spouse currently has.
  • The risk of having all of the family income come from one source (your home inspection business).
  • Will they be able to work and live with their spouse (this should be very carefully evaluated).

So, before you take the plunge and have your spouse join your firm full time, you will need a detailed plan regarding what specific duties and responsibilities your spouse would be responsible for and be sure that your spouse agrees to these conditions prior to leaving their current job. Hiring mistakes, whether its your spouse or any other person, are extremely expensive and disruptive for the business.

Check out what three very successful home inspection marketing specialists have to say about that exact topic!

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