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As Small Business Owners, We Really Don't Have The Time Or The Money To Engage In Image Marketing (aka Branding).

Major corporations go to big ad agencies and layout mega millions to have an advertising campaign designed that makes people "feel good" about their Company or Brand.

Look at the soft drink giant Coke. Think about all the "feel good" ads they've put out in the marketplace over the last 15 or 20 years. Remember this one: "I'd like to buy the world a Coke and keep it  company…" (Heck, I'd rather sell everybody in the world a coke and use the revenue generated to run more ads and then spend the profits on a yacht!) 🙂

Another good example of Image building marketing is done by Goodyear. How many times have you attended a sporting event and seen the Goodyear blimp flying high above the stadium? Think about how many times the Goodyear blimp gets mentioned by commentators while you're watching a sporting event on TV.

Goodyear understands that you are not going to get up out of the stands (or off your couch) and go down to the Goodyear store and buy Goodyear tires this afternoon because you saw their blimp earlier in the day.

What Goodyear is banking on is the fact that you will consider buying their tires, when you need tires, because you have been exposed to their "Brand" in positive ways (this sounds like a risky strategy to me).

If you have millions of dollars to spend on "feel good" marketing that takes years to work (if it works at all) then Image Advertising is definitely for you!

However, if you're like most small business owners (and we are a small business) we don't have the time, money or desire to develop our "Brand".

What we need is marketing that's so effective that we can invest our money in it today, so we start getting results by the end of the week, so we can then use those returned dollars to make payroll the following week!

But think about this.

What if you could build your BRAND as a by-product of a Marketing Activity you are engaged in every week anyway?

This way it wouldn't cost you an extra cent to build your Brand!

Now You Can Actually Build Your Company's Brand Every Time You Send An Email If You Use Digital Stationery®!

The folks at Digital Stationery® base your Stationery design on your Website so that your company has a consistent look.

Check out this example.

Southern Home Inspection Services Digital Stationery®

We use Digital Stationery® not only for emails we send every day but we also use it to send out the Realtor Marketing Tips.  You build your Brand with every email you send and building your brand this way doesn't cost you anything extra!  SWEET!

Here Are A Few Of The Benefits of Using Digital Stationery®

  • Reinforces your brand, company logo, and marketing messages
  • Links recipients directly to key pages on your company website
  • Can be used for new messages and when replying to messages from others
  • Can include "call-to-action" button images linked to new products, special offers, and sales
  • Comes with our exclusive Link Activity Report to measure the value to your business.
  • Digital Stationery® works in almost all email readers in use today.
  • Plus, it's easy to use!

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