DFYS Knowledgebase

Hey there, thank you and congratulations for investing in The Savvy Inspector Done For You Services.
We are privileged to work with you and so we want to get the job done as quickly and successfully as possible. This means we’ll need a few things from you to get started:
  1. Fill out this Google worksheet and get it back to us asap: [link to Google Worksheet] (Just click “File -> Make a copy” and copy it into your own Google Drive account, then click the blue Share button toward the top right of the window and share with kenl@thesavvyinspector.com)
  2. Coming into your email within 3 business hours is an invitation to Dropbox containing a copy of the contract you must sign for us to get started. Please do so at your earliest convenience.
  3. We will use the shared Dropbox for sharing photos of your business, your team, you or your inspectors on the job, videos of a similar nature, and articles, reports, and other things
Once you get back to us the signed Contract and the Google Worksheet, here is our plan for the first month:
1) Do keyword research based on what services you offer and what are the top 5-10 cities you serve. 
2) Build a draft of your website and meet with you over the course of two 30 minute meetings to discuss edits and get it launched. 
3) Start your first social media marketing campaign by accessing your social media accounts (FB, Twitter, etc) and optimizing them for click through rate to the website and for getting phone calls,. Then we’ll plan out a month of social media posts and schedule them for you. 
4) We’ll start your first seo campaign once your website is launched, and it will consist of:
  • using your keywords to optimize your home page and services pages according to our seo reporting software
  • ordering 4 seo blog articles to attract targeted traffic from the search engines (like “home inspection checklist” and “what to ask a home inspector”)
  • use some of the best seo software on the planet to optimize your website according to their recommendations
  • do competitor research, finding out:
  • what other keywords your competitors are ranking for so we can get more content ideas for seo blog posts
  • backlink ideas from the pages that are ranking for those keywords that we didn’t acquire initially, as well as those keywords we are actively seeking more traffic from,
5) Start your first directory listing marketing campaign, meaning we will optimize the top ~100 citations according to competitor research, influence, and potential targeted traffic for click through rate to website and phone calls. (We determine the most valuable by domain score by moz, among other importance metrics) 
6) Start your first video marketing campaign provided you supply us with videos. This is an important time to say that we expect you are using other methods other than Done For You Services to grow your business, so please utilize your (included) membership to The Savvy Inspector coaching program (members.thesavvyinspector.com), we want the best for you on all fronts. 
7) Then we will begin your reputation marketing campaign. what we will do there is: develop a custom review page for you so you can:
  • send everyone there after you work with them, whether they’re a raving client or not and
  • have no fear of them saying anything negative because the reviews stay on our server 

There is an automated event triggered if the client leaves a 4 or 5 star review that asks them if they’d like to copy/paste that review onto google or yelp or facebook, but if it’s a 3 star review or lower, an automated event is triggered that says “we’re sorry you had a poor experience. let us make it right for you!”

We will also market your reviews online with those directory listings that have agreed to allow us to post/market reviews on there not captured on their server. 
We will also be willing to help you respond to negative reviews (it is on our 2018 content production schedule to make a course or a lesson or how to respond to negative reviews most successfully)
8) We will send you a monthly report each month than contains a list of numbers for your most important metrics:
  1. 1) calls above 3 minutes, (we consider that a lead and assume a closing rate of 50% to determine your ROI on our campaigns),
  2. 2) total number of traffic on your site, your home page, your seo pages, etc,
  3. 3) conversion rate on your most important pages,
  4. 4) traffic from social media, etc
We will also share with you our plan for the upcoming month or quarter so you can share your recommendations
We’d like for you to think about how you’ll determine the success of working with TSI DFYS.
We expect you will get 25 calls above 3 minutes in the 3rd month of service, and 50 calls above 3 minutes in the 6th month of service, and then we expect the calls to keep coming in way above that number as we progress throughout the months and years ahead.
We determine the success of the account to be “50 calls above 3 minutes monthly” or “25 inspections scheduled online monthly”, because if you closed half of the 50 phone calls above 3 minutes (and we regularly an see 80% close ratio) then you’d have scheduled 25 inspections, and at an average of $400 an inspection, that’s a 10x roi in DFYS
If you have any questions, please schedule a time to speak with Beth, speakwithbeth.com
Thank you!