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COVID-19 And Your Home Inspection Business

the savvy inspector and COVID-19COVID-19 And How You Can Keep Your Home Inspection Business Alive!

It's up to all of us to slow the spread of COVID-19. Everyone, including young and healthy people, should avoid large gatherings during this time. Stay up-to-date with public health guidelines from

But we still have to Live Our Lives and Work. So we just need to be more selective in the things that we do to market our home inspection business. Here are a few things to do that will help keep you in front of your prior clients and agent base so when the coronavirus episode is over, you'll be ready to get back to it fast and furious.

  • Call Your Agents and let them know you're still Inspecting. Stay in touch with them
  • Send out a video showing what you're doing to keep everyone safe on the inspection
  • Stay up to date, reply to social media posts and be active on your social media
  • Make videos of your services, issues found on the filed, maintenance type videos, etc. if you have some free time
  • Do the things that need to be done that you never have time to do because you're busy, when this is over, you're going to be busy again
  • Be ready to get back at it when this is all over

Many of our Savvy members are still out there doing home inspections. They're busy because they've kept in touch with their agent base, letting them know what they're doing to keep the clients, agents, home sellers and themselves safe while doing their inspection. We had several COVID-19 meetings, where we discussed what we're doing and the things to do. Then we implemented! Lots of good information.

On one of our Wednesday calls, we talked about adding a COVID-19 page to our website. Below is the information:

Here are a couple of COVID-19 pages we've built for our DFY Services clients:

We will build a custom COVID-19 page for your website for a 1-time fee of $99 – Here is the 1-time Buy Link:

If you want a COVID-19 page built for your website, this is what we'll do:

(1) build the COVID-19 page customized and optimized for you and your company
(2) add a branded COVID-19 image
(3) add the bar at the top of your website page that resembles this: COVID-19 And Your Home Inspection | Click Here To Learn More

We will need access to the dashboard of your website. After you've paid, please send in a Support Ticket to  We will get back with you ASAP to get this tasked out.

You'll be able to take the COVID-19 page URL and post out to your social media as well as send out to your client and agent base letting them know what you're doing during COVID-19, how you're doing safe inspections and keeping them informed. You should consider doing a video like Brandon Goff did:

This COVID-19 will be over soon and we hope that you'll have taken the steps to stay in touch with your agent base as well as your prior clients. The market will come back even better than it was and we want you to be there where your competitors have stepped out.

Stay Safe Out There!

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