Real Estate Agent Marketing

Home Inspection Marketing Strategy: Extend Your Reach

If you have been calling on real estate offices for a while you probably recognize that many of the agents are not in the office when you visit. Even if you go to the offices on different days and times there still are not a lot of agents there. The way to extend your reach in those offices is to do events in presentations so that you can start building relationships with a much larger group of agents. Events and presentations are one of the best home inspection marketing strategies you can employ to extend your reach with real estate agents. So check out the video below to discover some new strategies to make that happen. We always appreciate your feedback, so please leave your questions and comments in the box below the video. The staff at The Savvy Inspector has lots of experience in tu...Read More

Home Inspection Marketing Tip: Don't Start At The Top Of The Food Chain

Everyone of us was a brand-new home inspector at one time and if you are honest with yourself you will admit that while you were ambitious and ready to go you might not have been at the top of your game like you are now. Heck, when I was a new inspector even I wasn't at the top of my game and I will readily admit it. So as a result of that fact you should not start off marketing top producers. If you can't market top producers then who should you go after? That's a great question, so check out the video below to discover who new home inspectors should target as referral sources. We always appreciate your feedback, so please leave your questions and comments in the box below the video. The staff at The Savvy Inspector has lots of experience in turning one man shops into multi-inspector firm...Read More

Home Inspection Marketing Strategy: Marketing Non-Top Producers

With all marketing strategies you have to make a positive return on investment or you can't continue the strategy and marketing Non-Top Producers is no exception. One dollar in and $1.25 out is not winning strategy so with Non-Top Producer marketing you really have two good options… 1. Direct mail 2. Personal real estate office visits If your one-man shop or a small multi-inspector firm and you don't have enough time to get out and visit the offices or getting out and visiting the offices is not really your thing, then direct mail should be your first go to strategy for marketing Non-Top Producers. When I opened Southern Home Inspection Services in 1997 we used direct mail exclusively to gain traction in the market in the first year. Only in year two did we develop relationship marke...Read More

Home Inspection Marketing Tip: All Real Estate Agents Aren't The Same

We teach our home inspection coaching clients to look at real estate agents differently. We classify real estate agents as Top Producers or Non-Top Producers. The way we market and the resources we spend on each of these groups is very different. When we market non-top producing real estate agents we aggressively try to knock out the home inspector that they are currently using. Our marketing message is written in the problem, agitate, solve format. In other words, our marketing message conveys that the non-top producing real estate agent would be better off working with us than their current inspector. Many of these non-top producing real estate agents don't have as many sales each year and therefore many of them do not have a strong loyalty to a home inspector. These are the easiest to g...Read More

Market The Right Agents

 3 Secrets To Getting Lot's More Professional Real Estate Agent Referrals If you're one of the home inspectors that believes that working with agents is a bad thing then I would encourage you to stop reading this article and check out this information packed article on how to Go Direct To The Public For Business. With that said… Lots of home inspectors want to get referrals for "Professional" real estate agents. When I say professional real estate agents I mean those agents that value what you do for the clients, find you a professional complement to their sales process and they want their clients to know what's going on with the property they are considering purchasing. I'll take business from these professional agents all day long. Now let's reveal the three secrets you need to kno...Read More