Prior Client's

Get More Prior Client Referrals

Do You Need To Book More Home Inspections? Well then let me ask you these critical questions… Last year, what percentage of your inspections came from referrals from your prior clients? How about the year before? How many actual prior clients did you serve in the last 12 months? The last 24 months? Are you tracking where your business comes from? Tracking where your business comes from is essential to your short and long-term success. If you wrote in your marketing plan that one third of your business was going to come from prior clients but you're not tracking where your business come from, how in the heck are you going to know whether the strategies you've implemented to get more prior client referrals are working or not? Marketing your prior clients is really ago direct to the pub...Read More

Prior Client Referral Machine

Turn Your Prior Clients Into a Referral Machine! Think about this… You have already started the know me, like me, trust me relationship building process with your prior clients. So after the inspection, you'll want to continue that building process, right? You want to make your prior clients "raving fans" of you and your firm, so that they will not only use you again but refer you to others as well! Saying "Thank You" and building on your existing relationship with your prior clients is essential to getting to getting and keeping your schedule full all year long! However, most home inspectors will send an email Thank You Note but they never continue to build on their relationship with that client because they don't know what else to do. And this lack of knowle...Read More