How Bill Easter's Business Succeeded Through A Tough Year

  From Zero To 500! Here's a guy with no formal Business Plan to guide him in his first year in business and yet he conducts over 500 inspections that year.  When I talk to students who are graduating from the major Home Inspection Schools I tell them if they can do 100 inspections in their first year in business then they are "Superman".  So Bill must be King Kong!  Bill's gut instincts and raw determination to succeed carried him through the tough days he had in his first year.  While the sound quality of this recording might not be perfect, the material is Gold.  I know that you will want to listen to this CD more than once because Bill lays out tons of "Information Nuggets" you can use to grow your own business.

What's Working Now With Melissa Rodgers Of SEC Inspections!

  What's Working Now With Melissa Rodgers Of SEC Inspections! Today we're talking Relationship Marketing.  Here are some of the things Melissa shared in this information packed interview… What type of marketing SEC did before they started their Relationship Marketing Campaign. What made them decide to start doing Relationship Marketing. What specific Relationship Marketing Strategies they are engaged in. Which Relationship Marketing Strategies are working well and which didn't work so well. What implementing Relationship Marketing has done for their firm's sales. Plus a whole bunch more… So grab your pen and a piece of paper, so that you can capture all of the 'Gold Nuggets" in this interview!

What's Working Now With Joe Schmalz of Mr. Home Inspector

  What's Working Now With Joe Schmalz of Mr. Home Inspector You know when a note comes in like the one below, I'll have to discover 'What's Working Now!' "Hi Ken,  It's been a while since we have talked but I thought I would take a minute to share a success story with you. As you know I do not like to toot my own horn so to speak, but this year has been quite amazing. As of today I am in unchartered waters for business volume. I have currently passed last year's total number of inspections and profit is up 30.9%. I truly am a follower of he who implements wins. Thanks for all your Great Ideas and strategies! Can't wait to see you and Beth in November!  Sincerely, Joe" Congratulations Joe and Thank You for your sharing spirit!

Rob Renfro Shares How Planning His Work Increased His Business Tremendously

  Implementation Is The Key To Success, Especially In A Rough Market! Rob Renfro, owner of Coastline Home Inspections in Seattle, WA shares how he's kicked his business up a bunch of notches by planning his work and working his plan!

Joe Ferry Shares How To Protect Yourself In The Event Of A Lawsuit

  Protect Your Firm From Bogus Lawsuits. Joe Ferry is a well known trial attorney and he teaches the popular seminar, Law & Disorder: Survival Strategies for the Professional Home Inspector in a Litigation Nation. And Joe details several things you need to do now to protect you in the event of a potential lawsuit.

Don Crook's Marketing Strategy Success Story

  What do you do when the number of houses sold in your marketing area drops in half? Raise Your Prices Of Course!  No kidding, that's what Don Crook owner of Accurate Inspections did.  When Don shared his amazing story with me a couple of months ago I new I had to get him to share this information with all of our Members as well.  In this interview Don shares his most powerful marketing strategy and it's a winning strategy that too few of us work on hard enough (including us).  Don shared so much good information that you'll definitely want to listen to this interview more than once!

How William and Sherry Troutman Succeeded In Tripling Their Business

  In rural southern Indiana with no big population centers and no mega real estate offices William and Sherri Troutman tripled their business in using the techniques we teach. William and  Sherri now have office staff and multiple inspectors.  These two are awesome!  So check out this interview where William shares how he's winning big!

Preston Sandlin Shares His Most Successful Direct Response Marketing Campaigns

  Preston Sandlin, President of Home Inspection Carolina is an good Direct Response Marketer and he shares with us a number of campaigns that he's used to keep his inspector's schedule full.

How Allan Davis Turned His Business Into A Success

  Allan Davis is another "All American Success Story!" He retired from the fire department early to take a full time job with a multi-inspector firm. Eleven months after he joined the firm they closed down and he was out of a job. He faced a tough decision; go out on his own or go to work for someone else! Although Allan was very technically proficient he had no business management or marketing experience.  Complicating the decision was the deteriorating real estate market. In early 2008 when Allan was forced to make his decision, the market was already tough and he wondered if it was going to get better anytime soon.  I don't know what you would have done but check out Allan's story!

How Jodi Deetlefs Uses Relationship Marketing Secrets To Get Business From Real Estate Agents

    Marketing Real Estate Agents! On this month's audio CD, I along with one of our marketing representatives, Jodi Deetlefs (who is really good at marketing the agents) discuss the strategies that are working for us.  Jodi has only been with our firm for about six months and although she was a Realtor she had never called on Agents as a vendor.  The agents like her because she understands that she has to get people to know her, like her and trust her.  And it all starts with getting out there in the Agent's Office. You may want to listen to this interview several times because we share a boatload of Gold Nuggets with you!

Gordon Fox Share His Secrets To Success

  Straight Talk With The Fox! This month I had the privilege of visiting with Mr. Gordon Fox, President of Fox Inspection Group in Houston, Texas. The Fox is an amazing fellow.  This is a guy that conducted an inspection for $65.00 but now commands a price 40% higher than his competitors in his market (and mine) and he never grows less than 30% a month. Gordon is not always politically correct (and neither am I) but if you want to learn the secrets to success in the home inspection business he'll share it with you.  He started out as a one man shop with no business plan.  Today, he owns one of the most successful home inspection company in the country. His kick butt, take no prisoners attitude is refreshing to me.  I can't stand mediocrity and neither can Gordon!