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External Threat #2 To Your Home Inspection Business

In my last blog post, I detailed how the inventory shortage was having a serious negative effect on home inspectors in many areas across the country. Hopefully you took a minute to visit the blog post to watch the SWOT video. If not, here is the link again. Today I want to talk about the second threat to your home inspection firm and that is rising interest rates. Higher rates can have a negative impact on housing affordability and may decrease marginal demand, especially if interest rates move significantly higher over today's levels. Did you know that for every 1% increase in interest rates it reduces the buyers ability to purchase by 10%. Let's look at an example of what this means to home buyers. The interest rate is 3.5% and the home buyers qualify for a $500,000 home, now the int...Read More

Is Your Home Inspection Schedule Totally Full?

Many home inspectors are having to turn away business and even those who never wanted to be a multi-inspector firm are reconsidering their position because of the demand for inspections right now. Ken Compton here from The Savvy Inspector and I wanted to congratulate you if you have a packed schedule now but I also want to make sure that you are an effective "Marketer of Home Inspection Services" because there are a couple of external factors that may hamper the real estate market in your area as we move forward. The next housing crisis is here… and this time the crisis is primarily about one thing: lack of inventory! There is an ongoing inventory shortage across America. Some markets are desperately short of homes for sale while others aren't quite so troubled. We have talked to ins...Read More

Turning Your One Man Shop Into A Multi Inspector Firm

    Have you been dreaming of growing your business into a multi inspector firm? Are you looking for that level of success where you can finally start working ON your business instead of IN your business? Many of us do.… but most don't know how, where and when to start. We've already done the mapping for you so you can make it happen fast! If you're ready to focus on success, let us help you achieve your goals in the home inspection business! Just click the button below to get FREE access to about 2 hours worth of videos on How To Turn Your One Man Home Inspection Business into A Successful Multi Inspector Firm!  Bonus: We have also included a downloadable audio file so you can listen to the discussion whenever and wherever you want!

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Mind Mapping To Success System

We want to turn our SMART Goals into an action plan but before we start on the plan we need to do a little brainstorming using my favorite tool… a Mind Map! Have you ever done a mind map? If not, you're not alone; most adults have never been exposed to this valuable tool. What Is A Mind Map? A mind map is a diagram used to visually organise information. A mind map is often created around a single concept, drawn as an image in the center of a blank landscape page, to which associated representations of ideas such as images, words and parts of words are added. Major ideas are connected directly to the central concept, and other ideas branch out from those. So Why Do Mind Maps Work? In a Mind Map, information is structured in a way that mirrors exactly how the brain functions –...Read More

Network for Success

There are two very important things that you will gain by attending one of The Savvy Inspector Workshops... 1. The education imparted by the speakers at the event, who are all Master Marketers Of Home Inspection Services! 2. The tremendous education you'll get from Networking with other very successful Marketers Of Home Inspection Services! Everyday we provide lunch so that you can break bread with a different person to enhance your networking opportunities. Plus, each evening we host a cocktail reception to even further enhance your networking opportunities! You will find everyone at the event to be totally approachable, so come and make some new friends!    

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