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Home Inspection Training Fact: Your Schedulers Can Make Or Break You!

Many one-man shops think that no one can schedule home inspections as well as they can and therefore they hang onto the phone way too long. The Savvy Inspector teaches our coaching clients to get rid of answering the phone themselves as soon as possible. If a call center isn't right for you, then you're going to need a hire and train a scheduler Think about this for a minute… If you call your doctor's office and he or she answered their own phone how you feel? Homebuyers and real estate agents don't care whether you personally answer the phone or not. What homebuyers want is to understand what's in it for them by using your firm. Real estate agents want to know that they can get their clients home inspection booked professionally and in the shortest amount of time possible. Neither o...Read More

Home Inspection Training: Employee Performance Reviews Are Essential

As a one man shop, you don't have to worry about anything related to employees. Some inspectors don't want to deal with employees and so they opt to remain a one-man shop for as long as they are in the business. However, many one man shops find that they have the ability to grow their firm and they want to add employees so they can generate more revenue and have some free time (does free time ever happen ;-). One of the most important things that you can do after you get your inspectors hired and trained is to do performance evaluations on them. Employees have the right to know what they're doing right and what they're doing that needs improvement. It's our belief that you should conduct employee reviews twice a year on your most seasoned home inspectors and every 90 days or less on your n...Read More

Home Inspection Training Question: Hire New Or Experienced Inspectors?

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Home Inspector Training: Hire The Right Candidate At The Right Time

I've been a home inspection business owner since 1997 and a home inspector coach since 2006. During the course of my tenure in the home inspection industry I have been asked by a lot of home inspectors to help them understand why their new hire failed. One common thread that runs through the majority of the failures is that the home inspection business owner settled for candidate instead of getting the right person. Maybe you know how it works, your schedule is really full and your turning away a lot of business. This puts the home inspection business owner in a full panic mode and they just hire a warm body instead of waiting to get the right person for the slot. The best thing you can do is develop what we call "talent bank." A talent bank is a place where you keep names of local people ...Read More

Home Inspection Training Tip: Get Prepped Before You Hire

If you want to make the process of hiring your first home inspector go more smoothly there are a few things that you need to do in advance of placing your recruiting ad. For example… * Do you have a written job description for the inspector so that he or she will know exactly what's expected of them? * Do you have your home inspection report set up so that the new person can come in and complete it correctly very quickly? * Have you created video training on how to complete your home inspection report? * Do you have a written plan for field training for the new inspector? * Do you have a written employee manual that specifies all the things that the home inspector needs to do as well as what to avoid? Getting a few things in place in advance of the hire will make bringing on your fir...Read More