Home Inspection Marketing

Want To Be In The Home Inspection Business?

Do you have good interpersonal skills, do you like working with people, do you like helping others, if so you might want to become a home inspector. The home inspection business is fun and can be very lucrative for those who are serious about their success. One of the things I've noticed is that those home inspectors across the country that are super successful are the ones that have good interpersonal skills. These folks are good at working with others. They love what they do and it shows. If you want to be in the home inspection business then check out this video so you can learn more about what it takes. We always appreciate your feedback, so please leave your questions and comments in the box below the video. The staff at The Savvy Inspector has lots of experience in turning one man sh...Read More

Home Inspection Training Tip: Your Goals Should Be The Employee's Goals

One of the things we stress to all of The Savvy Inspector's coaching clients is that they need to hold their employees accountable for the firm's goals. For example, if you are hiring a marketing rep where the company's goals? I would say that they are new agents acquisition and agent retention. If you're hire a home inspector what are the firm's goals for the employee? I would offer that there goals would be no callbacks and no payouts. So if a home inspector gets a call back and there's a payout warranted, should the firm bear the brunt of the burden or should the home inspector? Check out this video to discover how multi-inspector firms have a list of issue. The staff at The Savvy Inspector has lots of experience in turning one man shops into multi-inspector firms. When you get signed u...Read More

Should I Give Full Or Partial Refunds?

Most Home Inspection Claims Aren't Valid. So Be Very Selective About Offering A Refund? Many home buyers today have totally unrealistic expectations about the scope of a home inspection. Sadly, they do not take time to read the pre-inspection agreement even though by signing it they have acknowledged that they have read the agreement in full and understand all the terms and conditions. Many people think a home inspection is a home warranty and if any thing goes wrong anytime in the future the home inspector should stand behind their work and pay for whatever needs to be repaired. I know that's totally crazy but that attitude seems to be prevalent more and more each and every year. To try to combat this, we actually wrote this on the summary page of our report. "Please talk to your real est...Read More

What Is A Mastermind Group And How Can It Help Me?

No, we're not talking about a secret cabal of evildoers out to take over the world. 🙂 A Mastermind Group is simply an alliance of two or more individuals dedicating themselves to a specific goal. Think About This… There is synergy of energy, commitment, and excitement that participants bring to a Mastermind Group. The beauty of Mastermind Groups is that participants raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. Mastermind participants act as catalysts for growth, devil's advocates and supportive colleagues. With that said. The Savvy Inspector is opening up two more Mastermind Groups in May 2014! Group 1: You must have 1-5 inspectors to be eligible. Group 2: You must h...Read More

Prelisting Inspection Mastery

When You Discover The Secrets Of How To Make This Happen, Your Home Inspection Sales Will Explode… Pre-Listing Inspections Are Somewhat Hard To Secure, Until You Get Real Estate Agents And Home Sellers Educated About The Process! But Once The Agents And Home Sellers Understand "What's In It For Them" By Getting A Pre-Listing Inspection… They Turn Into "Found Money" For Home Inspectors! Lots of real estate agents have been resistant to the idea of getting their listings inspected before the property went on the market. Real estate agents didn't want to bring this topic up with home sellers because they felt like it would be one more impediment to getting the listing. But over the last couple of years, the market has gotten hyper competitive because of the...Read More

Client Call Backs… Are You Ready?

Let's face it, nobody likes callbacks. But here's the thing, don't take it personally. Consumers that call are almost never correct when they say you missed something but that doesn't matter

Go Direct To The Public For Business

If your inspection firm isn't on the first page of Google, but you really want to get business direct from the public, then check out this video because we are going to reveal some home inspection marketing secrets on how to make that happen! On This Home Inspection Marketing Video, You'll Learn… How Simple This Effective Strategy Is To Implement Why It Works So Well With Home Buyers We'll Share With You Free Tools You Can Use To 'Get It Done' And We'll Show You Examples Of How Other Successful Home Inspectors Are Using This Strategy Going Direct To The Public For Business Is A Very Savvy Home Inspection Marketing Strategy!

Everyone Can Engage In This Effective Home Inspection Marketing Strategy

Home Inspection Marketing Online Doesn't Have To Be Difficult, It Just Takes Some Additional Skillsets! In Order To Get Business From The Internet… Homebuyers Have To Convince Themselves That You Are The Person Who Can Protect Them From Buying The Money Pit! So What Does The Inspector Have To Do To Get The Homebuyer To Say Yes, You're The Inspector To Protect Us From Buying The Dreaded Money Pit? Two Things. 1. Prove You Have The Expertise To Protect Them From Buying The Money Pit; AND 2. Get The Homebuyer To Know You , Like You And Trust You! The Key To Getting More Home Inspections From The Internet Without Your Website Being On Page 1 Of Google Or Without A Visitor Converting Website Is. Videos Produced From Pictures Taken At The Inspection! Done Correctly, This Effective Home Inspectio...Read More

Do You Want To Bring Your Spouse Into The Business?

Are you answering phone calls or doing your home inspection marketing in your home inspection business? Are you thinking about bringing your spouse to work into your home inspection business? If so, what will they do for your firm? Should they answer the phone for you or engage in home inspection marketing? Some of the worries that home inspectors have when they bring in their spouse into the business are. The potential loss of insurance and other employee benefits that the spouse might have with their current employer. The loss of income from the job the spouse currently has. The risk of having all of the family income come from one source (your home inspection business). Will they be able to work and live with their spouse (this should be very carefully evaluated). So before you take the...Read More

Are You Engaged In These Home Inspection Marketing Strategies?

Chris and Katie Goggans are Savvy Inspectors. Check out three home inspection marketing strategies that Chris shares with the crowd at The Savvy Inspector Workshop. Are you engaged in any of these strategies? If not, you should consider adding them into your marketing plan because they produce excellent results.

Traditional Home Inspection Marketing Doesn't Work Anymore

The fact of the matter is that the home inspection marketing techniques that were solid and reliable for home inspectors to use to reach their target audience in the past are no longer working. This means Yellow Pages ads, newspapers and other types of hard copy advertising are simply not bringing in business. That's because people simply don't use them anymore. Home Inspectors that are still using such outdated forms of advertising are throwing away thousands and thousands of dollars on ineffective home inspection marketing every month. If you are one of those people still investing in such ads, ask 10 people where their copy of the Yellow Pages is. Most can't tell you or will tell you that they put it in the recycling bin shortly after it arrived. What does that tell you about the money ...Read More

5 Things Few Home Inspectors Are Doing To Grow Their Business

While some home inspectors are using select internet marketing techniques to drive visitors to their website, others are doing nothing at all, except hoping for the best. Using a wide variety of tried and true online marketing methods is the best way to see real results in your sales. A great place to start is implementing the 5 things practically no inspectors doing. These things produce serious results and should be used by every home inspector with an internet presence. They include: Blogging Autoresponders, building email list and follow up Free reports Online video Basic SEO Blogging Creates a steady online presence that increases your chances of being at the top of search engine results for your keywords. Using a blog you can get content containing all your long-tailed keywords on th...Read More